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Performance Quotes

731 Performance quotes:

"I was really excited about her performance. For her to come out there with three 9.90s, she really made it all look so easy."
Author: Faehn Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"I feel like because of my performance, we were never really in it."
Author: Byrd Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"We will immediately cease slugging it out in the PC processor market, which has been dragging down our financial performance for several quarters."
Author: Halla Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Summer pitched great for us today. She is finally getting healthy and it is showing in her performance."
Author: Eakin Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"I am extremely excited about the performance tonight. We had several personal bests, and I'm really pleased with how Jamaal (Charles) and Ryan (Palmer) stepped in today and competed. Raymond (Harris) is showing us that he will be a player at the indoor conference meet."
"The guys are starting to play well in front of him, and we're getting the consistent performance we were looking for from the position."
"The performance of all five Cobalt SS Supercharged cars this weekend, from three independent teams, gives us reason to be proud."
Author: Wasmer Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"I thought this was a gutsy performance by our team. Cleveland really jumped out on us and put us in a big hole and our team responded in the second half. Our third quarter defense was pretty special."
"The gap has been closing from both directions on performance (CCD) benefits vs. cost (CMOS), so the automotive market will remain split between the two technologies for now — depending upon application requirements for image quality vs. compactness and cost."
"The software guys haven't been shooting high enough. But as the performance available becomes higher, someone out there will be smart enough to take advantage of it. Of course, if they're not Microsoft, that could be tough."
"If Intel had delivered these two chips on time, it would have really opened up a performance gap with AMD's K6-2."
"We are happy with our overall financial performance in 2005. In addition to our first million-dollar software license deal, we also saw our first million-dollar plus professional services engagement. The engagement, to improve and automate the risk management systems of a large European financial institution, has been a success for both Insightful and our client. We have also invested in our products to set the stage for potential continued revenue growth."
Author: Coombs Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"It was a good performance and I did everything I wanted to do."
"Her performance was just unbelievable."
Author: Murgel Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"The importance of performance per watt is obvious for things you carry along with you, such as laptops - you want higher performance and longer battery life. But increasingly it is essential for things beyond mobility."
"It was a very pleasing performance, especially with a lot of youngsters playing."
Author: Morris Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"The gap between value systems and high-performance systems will grow."
"The terrible hurricanes in the US have had an impact on our performance in the south-eastern states,"
Author: Rose Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Anyone who takes these products in sufficient quantities to build muscle or improve performance is putting himself or herself at risk for serious long-term and potentially irreversible health consequences."
"I was very happy with Michael's performance,"
Author: Remon Quotes Category: Performance Quotes

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