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222 Philosophy quotes:

"Philosophy will clip an angel's wings."
"Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth."
"All proofs rest on premises"
"Philosophy is an elegant thing, if anyone modestly meddles with it; but if they are conversant with it more than is becoming, it corrupts them."
"Philosophy bakes no bread"
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"History is Philosophy teaching by examples."
"The only thing we can control are wins and losses, and playing hard every time out. I expect us to go out and play hard and give it our all every time out. We know we can match up with any team in our conference. We got to have that confidence. You can't do anything with a lack of confidence."
"He's a real knowledgeable guy. Both he and Walker have the same philosophy on hitting."
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"The philosophy has changed in how you race for a championship. The whole thrust is on getting into that top 10 to give yourself a chance. Once you get there, luck comes into play, and anything can happen."
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"My philosophy is to pay our own players. We stepped out of the box midway through last season. We didn't want him to play for $380,000. We recognized his ability, but we didn't get anywhere. That's fine. Both parties have to agree. Unfortunately, we can't seem to get it going. Hopefully we will. Now, we all know exactly what we're up against."
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"When I discover who I am, I'll be free."
"If I were to adopt pure mechanism as a philosophy, there would be no way I could choose to be a scholar."
"Simple philosophy: be on time, come to the rink ready to play. And we pretty much did that all the time and pretty much learned as we went."
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"My philosophy, like color television, is all there in black and white"
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"As a system of philosophy it is not like the Tower of Babel, so daring its high aim as to seek a shelter against God's anger; but it is like a pyramid poised on its apex."
"That was our philosophy. Go at him. Make him try to defend. It?s hard to post him up. We moved the ball pretty well, and we got him to react to people coming at him."
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"I knew it had been awhile, but I didn't realize it was that long. Our philosophy is a little different. We don't start with an easy schedule. We try and get teams that will really challenge us and really prepare us well for district play. You do that and you're going to take your lumps, but you're going to be better. You just don't progress unless you play the best."
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"But again, I think that's consistent with his philosophy, ... Whatever Al's philosophy is, it's been pretty consistent through the years, be it the type of players he gets to play corner(back), the coaches, their style of play, what he wears. It's all consistent."
"The philosophy hasn't changed. The NCAA is just trying to hook up the rules to the technology."
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"admire the philosophy of the Third Reich."

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