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"We are planning to developing a strategy which will give us 20 wickets in a match as in the last four encounters we were unable to do so for a victory."
Author: Dravid Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"We are already planning for next year, and we recognize that we need to make several changes to regain the momentum this team had earlier in the year and to ensure we have the right people in the right places to win races and a championship."
Author: Evernham Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"What I care about is the plan. I don’t want anybody outside of New Orleans planning nothing as it relates to how we’re going to rebuild this city without us signing off on it,"
Author: Nagin Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"As we think about master planning, we always think about our on-going negotiations with the governor, which would certainly be a trigger. If legislative changes were favorable, we would need to expand our gaming floor."
Author: Rose Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"I'm hoping to be the No.1 pick. That's what I'm planning."
"What's the big fuss about preemption? You'd shoot first if someone was planning to shoot you right?"
Author: Perle Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"[But the Pacer's aren't planning on letting the Celtics win this one.] There's no way this team is going to go quietly, ... No way. We've been through too much."
Author: Carlisle Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"A good system shortens the road to the goal."
Author: Swett Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"They all need to be read, discussed, and understood by the planning board."
"What she is planning to do, I'm quite sure, is leave that to the staff,"
Author: Guinn Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"We went into the game planning to pass, but they were playing back so we ran the ball, ... After we ran the first time and it worked, we kept running it. Running the ball so well helped open up our passing game."
Author: Decker Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"No excuse for that. What I told him was, 'I wasn't planning to use him (Miles), but dress and be available,' and in the second half I guess he felt since I wasn't using him he was going to step out in street clothes...We'll have to talk about that."
Author: McMillan Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"We've been planning for this for a while. We're not panicking by any means. All the top-end players are out of college hockey [this season]. The cream of the crop is playing in the Olympics. It affects a lot of teams, and I believe it affects us the most. But I also believe we have more depth than people realize."
"It's just way over what we plan for, even planning for emergencies."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"What we need to be doing now is the basic planning of how we get our communities through 12 to 18 months of a pandemic."
Author: Osterholm Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"That's the difference between planning for an F1 hurricane or an F5,"
Author: Osterholm Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"I can't emphasize enough to viewers how serious FEMA is taking this storm. We've done a lot of planning for a hurricane striking New Orleans because of New Orleans lying below sea level."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"If you start to plan in an emergency, you're not planning, you're improvising,"
Author: Chertoff Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"If inventory continues to build going out a few quarters and companies that are planning for better demand don't get it, then that would be a concern."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"We're planning on staying out here."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Planning Quotes

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