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"[Consumers, through a heady mix of equating patriotism with spending and being bolstered by low interest and finance rates, have kept the economy afloat despite increased layoffs and continued uncertainty. But they can't be expected to go it alone for much longer.] Consumers have been the only driver, ... Now we need the companies to pick up."
Author: Turner Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"A vote for real campaign finance reform will end the corrosive influence of special interest money, and level the playing field so that all Americans can participate and be heard,"
Author: Pelosi Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Every corner of the world wants to host India and Pakistan matches but for us finance is not the only consideration."
Author: Khan Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Every nation has to either be with us, or against us. Those who harbor terrorists, or who finance them, are going to pay a price."
Author: Clinton Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Intuit is defining and leading the new world of e-finance -- and that strategy is paying off."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"We have written to the finance ministers of the G-8 countries. We have asked basically for a total of five years because we are tsunami affected and think it will take that amount of time for rehabilitation."
Author: Amunugama Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"We have seen a recklessness in the management of state government and finance that has been unprecedented."
Author: Forrester Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Our system of campaign finance has completely collapsed and it needs reform,"
Author: Lautenberg Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"This is not the utopian comprehensive solution to campaign finance. But this is a tourniquet to stop the bleeding."
"The mailing of this newspaper . . . appears to be an end run around the [campaign finance] $150,000 spending limit."
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"The president supported the campaign finance legislation and signed it into law because he believes it helped improve the system, and I think today's court ruling will help bring some clarity to the process, ... Our counsel's office will be reviewing this rather lengthy decision."
Author: McClellan Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Despite cheap-shot attempts to suggest he is not supportive of campaign finance legislation, the fact is that Al Gore was there for reform from the time of McCain-Feingold and before, every single time."
Author: Feingold Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Clearly, campaign finance reform and toughening the historic law that was passed last year is one of the governor's top priorities."
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"Many young couples are so busy being romantic that they forget to talk about anything practical like personal finance. Money isn't a romantic subject, but marriage should be seen as entering into a financial as well as a romantic partnership."
Author: Garrett Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"But we're trying to figure out if we run the sewer line how to best finance a reclaimed water route because in the long term, environmentally it would be a great thing to do."
Author: Crombie Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Increasing pressure from the Finance Ministry helped bonds to gain. Bonds had a gradual decline over the past weeks and yields came to a level where they look attractive."
Author: Kimura Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"It has to do with the fact that finance in the past was something administrative, and that was something you leave up to women."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Over 60,000 finance sector jobs like banking have been added in the past three years. This is great."
"Nippon Sheet Glass would have to raise money much larger than its market cap to finance the deal, and if you think about that, what they are doing is reckless."
Author: Yamada Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"We've got to make sure [the money] fits into a long-term plan for sustainability. We can't finance sprawl."
Author: Godfrey Quotes Category: Finance Quotes

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