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"They've never before explicitly asserted that they need the authority to treat prisoners inhumanely. We can't think of any country in the world that has."
"Cities do not have the authority under the state law to ban the possession of handguns."
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"Find ways to decentralize. Move decision making authority down and out. Encourage a more entrepreneurial approach."
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"I give them a lot of running room and authority to do their jobs. All of that I tried to leave for my senior people and I've found ... generally that works very well. Get the best people, give them plenty of authority and let them develop their own ideas and organizations and go with it."
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"We have made clear that we believe that we already have the authority for a military strike, should such an option be chosen."
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"The Broadband Development Authority needs to fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities."
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"The legislation doesn't grant us any of the authority we need, or power and control to deal with our cost structure."
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"To preserve yourself as the center of the world, to stay your own best authority on everything, your own expert on all topics, infallible, omniscient. Always, every time of the month, forever: Use birth control."
"It is inexcusable that the Port Authority abruptly abandoned the talks (Tuesday) night without a plan to move forward. We are not sure where this leaves us now."
"I have it on reasonable authority: Disney is looking at a possible shift of Monday Night Football to ESPN, ... I don't know if it will happen. But financially, Monday Night Football has been extremely difficult for ABC."
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"The man whose authority is recent is always stern."
"His authority has disappeared virtually to vanishing point. He is in office but not in power."
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"I do know that some MPs give authority to another MP to put their name on such a motion. But I can't think of any member who would do so in this instance. I will look into the matter. That's the best I can do and I will continue watching Big Brother in my spare time."
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"RIGHT, n. Legitimate authority to be, to do or to have; as the right to be a king, the right to do one's neighbor, the right to have measles, and the like. The first of these rights was once universally believed to be derived directly from the will of God; and this is still sometimes affirmed _in partibus infidelium_ outside the enlightened realms of Democracy; as the well known lines of Sir Abednego Bink, following:By what right, then, do royal rulers rule? Whose is the sanction of their state and pow'r? He surely were as stubborn as a mule Who, God unwilling, could maintain an hour His uninvited session on the throne, or air His pride securely in the Presidential chair.Whatever is is so by Right Divine; Whate'er occurs, God wills it so. Good land! It were a wondrous thing if His design A fool could baffle or a rogue withstand! If so, then God, I say (intending no offence) Is guilty of contributory negligence."
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"The plaintiffs want to blame the Port Authority for the murderous acts of fanatical terrorists who schemed for years and traveled thousands of miles"
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"The FCC simply does not have the statutory authority to extend the 1994 law for the telephone system to the 21st century Internet."
"Nonetheless, struggle for civilian supremacy is still perilous and uncertain, ... (Wahid) is struggling for authority over the military."
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"The (state) constitution gives the overall authority for elections like everything else to the governor,"
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"The big question in our minds is over who has authority."
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"Someone at the federal level should have that authority."
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