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"AIDS occupies such a large part in our awareness because of what it has been taken to represent. It seems the very model of all the catastrophes privileged populations feel await them."
"It is so important for our program to develop awareness that there is life outside of basketball. We want to continue to connect with young people and others in need."
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"This program is wonderful. It raises awareness of hunger in local communities across the country. It encourages communities to support the fight against hunger right at home. The dollars may not be tremendous for each individual organization but the fact that Feinstein is willing to put up $1 million year after year makes a large statement on the need for assistance."
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"Hunger awareness is an important issue in our country that often goes overlooked. I?m honored to partner with a company that holds this issue in such high regard."
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"Stern obviously has helped raise awareness,"
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"Stern effect. Howard Stern has raised the awareness of the entire satellite radio category."
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"We think pricing will also remain firm with the increased awareness among consumers about flu vaccinations,"
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"I have spent my career trying to raise national awareness of information security issues through my various corporate and public policy positions. By joining the College of Computing at Georgia Tech, one of our nation's most progressive and innovative academic environments for computing, I can now provide my vision and insight to those research and educational initiatives that will drive the future development of cyber security solutions for the everyday computer user."
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"Mexican flags in the stands would be a great thing. Adrian is an important part for us to raise awareness among minority communities, especially the Hispanic community. His star power makes it easier for us to do that."
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"A key point here is the public awareness."
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"We've always tried to reduce the number of people getting bit by sharks through education and awareness. We try to get our safety tips out through our Web site and in publications."
"Let's not kid ourselves. The entrance into the Big East Conference was primarily the result of positive visibility and awareness of the nationally ranked basketball teams under Bob Huggins . . ."
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"We are excited to partner with TEAM, RADD and NHTSA on this campaign, designed to raise awareness of two major safety issues -- impaired driving and seatbelt use. Richard Petty Driving Experience provides the perfect venue for the campaign's messages and incentives, particularly for reaching young men, who make up the highest risk group for motor vehicle crashes, ... The collaboration of our staff, NASCAR driver hosts and fans with the celebrities and dignitaries that represent the campaign at Richard Petty Driving Experience is exciting to see."
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"The judge observed realistically that most Chicagoans have some awareness of the association between Capone and Cicero,"
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"What results from such an incident, ... is a huge awareness that those types of activities ought not to be tolerated, that if people are involved in those activities, they'll be severely reprimanded and brought to justice."
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"The awareness level goes way up."
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"We're really singing because we want to bring awareness."
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"We know we're not going to stop the whole thing, but if we get awareness out there, it could make a difference."
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"It's not so much that it's getting worse, but there is a heightened awareness about it."
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"This campaign is all about raising awareness on a critical issue. This is not a game, this is real."
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