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"I also want to start my own label, Preservation Collective. I want to raise awareness about the world's last natural resource - intellectual property, compositions. And I'm looking for entrepreneurs to help me do it. I want to take regional icons and turn their music into global mass music sensations."
"Regular donors are the safest donors and we need to foster this awareness in the community."
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"I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion."
"I'm proud to have GlaxoSmithKline as one of my sponsors for the Sony HD 500. Raising awareness about asthma control is very important to me because I've suffered from asthma since I was a child. Taking care of my asthma through physician care and treatment has helped me manage my asthma more effectively."
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"We had Speed Awareness Day on a Saturday in July where we had a big banner and bicycle police. Neighbors spent the morning outside with 'slow down' signs."
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"Knowledge is awareness, and to it are many paths, not all of them paved with logic. But sometimes one is guided through the maze by intuition. One is led by something felt on the wind, something seen in the stars, something that calls from the wastelands to the spirit."
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"We're trying to bring more awareness to our sport to the rest of the auto racing community. These guys are going to go back and tell a story about how awesome this sport is and how much fun they had. And hopefully, that's going to help our cause because we need something or we'll have to give up."
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"Given the self awareness required, it therefore makes sense the primary tool used by the casino to control problem gambling is the self-exclusion policy. The regulations, as they stand, do not appear to require more."
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"There is an awareness of the program. We think it is human nature. In the month of March, it's probably not on people's minds yet."
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"Last year at this point, my legs were dead. There?s been a lot more awareness by all of us, so I think we?re a lot less fatigued."
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"I'm feeling confident, feeling a lot stronger, ... My awareness is getting better and I have a feel for (the game)."
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"It's important to keep awareness alive."
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"Awareness of security issues is becoming widespread among the average consumer. The complexity of existing security mechanisms is frustrating to many, but they regard it as a problem they just can't solve."
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"The fact is that lack of awareness is not something Stewart suffers from,"
"The community of Greer wants to build awareness and bring more people downtown, because Greer's downtown has been growing and has so much to offer."
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"With increased awareness of this connection, IBD patients can initiate or maintain an open dialogue with their physicians and discuss their personal and family history of colorectal cancer as well as symptoms and medications, which are crucial components to cancer prevention."
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"He shows good plate awareness, goes the other way, doesn't try to do too much. With two strikes, he would shorten up a little bit and try to put the ball in play the other way -- a lot of things you don't see in an 18-year-old kid. I think he goes down to the Minor League camp with a lot more confidence, not that he didn't have any, but to know already that he can hit here, I'm sure will serve him very well."
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"I think a lot of it will fly with the board. There's a much higher level of awareness than there was three or four years ago. It's a good start."
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"Mobile gaming continues to grow exponentially as broadband cellular networks roll out, consumer awareness increases, and handsets become more robust graphically. We are therefore particularly pleased to enter this segment led by world-class management and development teams, with proven success in development and porting, a string of top-selling, premium-branded titles already in the catalog, and a very strong pipeline of innovative product in development."
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"I love the idea because it's something people don't like to talk about, but it brings awareness to the community. People need to acknowledge that it's a problem and know that there are resources available."
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