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Race Quotes

746 Race quotes:

"The so-called human race"
Author: Twain Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"They cannot scare me with their empty spaces between stars -- on stars where no human race is. I have it in me so much nearer home to scare myself with my own desert places."
"It is impossible that had Buonaparte descended from a race of vegetable feeders that he could have had either the inclination or the power to ascend the throne of the Bourbons."
Author: Shelley Quotes Category: Race Quotes Vegetarianism Quotes
"Lights of the world, and stars of human race."
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Slow but steady wins the race"
Author: Aesop Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Plodding wins the race."
Author: Aesop Quotes Category: Race Quotes Greek Author Quotes
"Paul and I tried to write from a place that was real and honest. Maybe the issue of race isn't the same as it was, but it's still here. We tried to dig into the soul and find the place where it was coming from."
"I thought about how disappointed I was. I would admit that after that race I was broken in half. It took a little while, but I settled down and got back to working out and just using it as fuel for the fire."
"Tim had a real nice race for us today. If we can do that at the big meets, we will do very well."
"Indy makes the race driver. You become famous when you come here."
"We just have to keep pushing every race, ... Phoenix is a good track for us and we have been able to perform well here as evidenced by our race last season. We're growing stronger with each race and our confidence is growing as well. Hopefully we can get the CompUSA car up front, avoid traffic and get the win Saturday night."
Author: Diaz Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Last week was last week. I've got to remember that. What we did last week was good for our race team, but we've got to keep doing that. ...We went to Bristol with a fast enough car where we could have won. ...We think we can do more. We've just got to go prove it. You can't just sit here and talk about it."
Author: Labonte Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Top 30 was my only goal today. I will probably have the No. 1 starting position for the race, so that's perfect. I know where I have to attack and I look forward to it."
Author: Forsyth Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I knew she wasn't just a good lady driver, this girl was a great race car driver, ... she was very hungry to do more, somewhat impatient, hence the name `fiery redhead.' She would constantly grab me by the shirt and say, `Dad,' as she calls me, `when are we going to race some more?"
Author: Evernham Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I am part of a very talented team and that's why I go into every race feeling that this could be the weekend that we will pull out a win. Trouble seems to find us. But if we can have a clean race in Texas, I am confident the Army Chevy will be part of the lead pack of cars."
Author: Nemechek Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"We must have a foreign policy which is based only on the long-term interests of our race, not on the interest of other races or on economic considerations or anything else."
"DEAD, adj.Done with the work of breathing; done With all the world; the mad race run Though to the end; the golden goal Attained and found to be a hole! --Squatol Johnes"
Author: Bierce Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I've heard about $750,000 goes to Mill Race Crossing and about $100,000 to the city, plus there a few other grants that I don't know about."
Author: Olson Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It's just as tough or tougher to win a race here as it has ever been. It's a serious fight because there are a lot of good drivers in the field who have already had successes not only here but in other top series."
Author: Vasser Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"As long as you have an incumbent running, you're not going to have a competitive race."
Author: Abramowitz Quotes Category: Race Quotes

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