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"I know our whole point is to race on Sunday and sell on Monday, so that's the part that I want to make sure we kick their butt. I'm sure they want to kick ours, but I think NASCAR handles the competition side of it so we can be competitive."
Author: Yates Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"The second half of the race was mine."
Author: Gatlin Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I couldn't wait for Friday and Saturday to come around. When you're in good shape, you want to race all the time, because when you peak, it's only for a couple weeks."
Author: Ellison Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It would be OK (for a champion not to win a race), although I think it's very unlikely. I would be shocked if the winner goes through the final 10 and doesn't win a race."
Author: France Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I don't think he's going to be at 100 percent making his first race after three months. He shouldn't be at his sharpest, nor would you want him to be."
Author: Lunsford Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It's going to be more competitive. It's going to be a tighter race from top to bottom."
Author: Kinnear Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"That race pays more than Indianapolis, so you'd have to say it's the biggest race of the year and the eight best cars in the class are the only ones to run in it, ... So yeah, it's a very prestigious race."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It was a very good race and Clan Royal ran a blinder... hopefully next time will be my moment."
Author: McCoy Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"She wants to come down and watch me race, ... I'm her baby boy."
Author: Brooks Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"That's what makes the race so hard. There was a headwind the first 10 trials, and if you were in them you had no chance."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Then we had a yellow, and when the race went green again Sean Guthrie was sleeping or something; he wasn't on the gas as much as I was for the green. He clipped my left front, and that was it. It was another disappointing weekend."
Author: Klein Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Al Geiberger should have to take a test to prove he's a member of the human race."
Author: Trevino Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It's a race I rode just once but I liked it very much. It's a very nice race. I think it has a very demanding mountainous part, then the time trials are not too long. It's a race I liked the year I went."
Author: Heras Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I think tomorrow is her race."
Author: Moody Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Who included me among the ranks of the human race?"
"I salute the winner, and Johnny rode a tremendous race. My jock rode a great race, too. I want to take care of this horse as well as I possibly can, because he gave his guts for us. They had to run to beat this horse today. I've got a real treasure in Bellamy Road."
Author: Zito Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"We can't win anything else, but we keep winning this race."
Author: Pittman Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It's like an arms race. Once it's engaged, you have to match the other side."
Author: Wittman Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I feel good about going into the next race this weekend at Phoenix. I think Donnie (Bender), being a new crew chief, has learned some things to do and not to do. We hope to improve upon what we did at Pomona (Calif.) two weeks ago."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"As the race evolved, we wanted to highlight all the great miles of trails in Durango. As more and more people came to us and said, 'Hey, we want to do both races,' we decided to create the special awards and went so far as to change the name of the race. We're really marketing the double this year."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Race Quotes

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