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"Al Geiberger should have to take a test to prove he's a member of the human race."
Author: Trevino Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It's a race I rode just once but I liked it very much. It's a very nice race. I think it has a very demanding mountainous part, then the time trials are not too long. It's a race I liked the year I went."
Author: Heras Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I think tomorrow is her race."
Author: Moody Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Who included me among the ranks of the human race?"
"I salute the winner, and Johnny rode a tremendous race. My jock rode a great race, too. I want to take care of this horse as well as I possibly can, because he gave his guts for us. They had to run to beat this horse today. I've got a real treasure in Bellamy Road."
Author: Zito Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It's like an arms race. Once it's engaged, you have to match the other side."
Author: Wittman Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I feel good about going into the next race this weekend at Phoenix. I think Donnie (Bender), being a new crew chief, has learned some things to do and not to do. We hope to improve upon what we did at Pomona (Calif.) two weeks ago."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"As the race evolved, we wanted to highlight all the great miles of trails in Durango. As more and more people came to us and said, 'Hey, we want to do both races,' we decided to create the special awards and went so far as to change the name of the race. We're really marketing the double this year."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"This was a chaotic and confusing race. We hoped to exploit the unusual weather conditions but this year, it seems that even the luck that can be a fundamental part of motor racing will not come our way. Maybe we have had too much of it in the past few years, but I hope we can now get back in credit on this score as quickly as possible. At the start of the race, Michael was a front runner, while Rubens who had started from further back, was struggling a bit. When the Safety Car came, out we tried to gamble on dry tyres on Michael's car, but very quickly, he realised the car was impossible to drive in these conditions. So another stop was needed to go back to rain tyres, but Michael's race lasted just one more lap, when he was hit by Sato in the braking area for La Source. This meant all our hopes rested with Rubens, who had moved into the points by this stage. His race was going normally, but when his rain tyres began to go off significantly, he had to pit again to fit dry ones with just a few laps remaining. The time he lost doing this and in getting the dry tyres up to temperature cost him fourth place."
Author: Todt Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Bathurst is the biggest and best race of the year, and to win just one is a big thrill for any driver,"
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"General Clark has decided to leave the race,"
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"He just continues to impress me. I feel like he won us the race last week. This week we had a car that got better all day long, and that's as impressive to me as our win at Martinsville."
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"She's definitely not afraid to push the car to the limit. We all watched her race last year in Atlantics and we knew that she was a good driver, but until you work with someone you don't truly know how determined they are. After these last two days, one thing I know for sure now is that she has a tremendous amount of determination. Katherine has the talent to compete at this level."
Author: Vasser Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Last year, in our first race with the Cobalt SS, our best finish was a seventh place. Today we finished fourth, eighth, 12th, 13th and 24th. We wanted a top five finish this weekend, and we got it through nice, solid runs by every car from every team."
Author: Wasmer Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"There's no recipe for winning. I can tell you right now five teams that are in the playoff race that have definitely less quality (players) than we do. But you know what? They have chemistry. It's not only about having the 10 best players in the league. It's about having chemistry. That's what we couldn't find this season."
Author: Jaric Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"As long as the race hills are covered, we're all set. I know they've been working hard. And it's not a problem as long as they can get it in somehow."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Everybody is coming with a road map. They have their circulars, downloaded coupons. It's definitely a race in the first few hours to get the hot products at the best price."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"We oppose any third parties coming into Vermont and making independent expenditures in this race."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"In a three week race, at the end there is always a high level, and more since we are in the UCI-ProTour. Maybe it's not the same level of the Tour, where all teams bring his nine riders at 100 percent level, but the average is very high. Maybe there are no so many names as other years, but the level continues being high. Here we have Mancebo, Aitor Gonzalez, Landis, Mayo, Pereiro and, in general, teams like Comunidad Valenciana, without forgetting that there are always foreigners whom you don't count on and then they ride very well."
Author: Heras Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I think the race remains wide open."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Race Quotes

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