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"Jake finished close behind Ben White of eventual team champion Liverpool. Jake has been looking forward to this race against one of the top runners in New York and came away disappointed. I think this set back will fuel Jake to beat White next time."
Author: Greene Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"She's a very tough filly. She's come through the race terrific. She's a very good back-up filly. She hasn't left a grain."
Author: McLachlan Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Before I set off I focused hard on my pre-race inspection to log everything in my head like a computer, I went over the curse 100 times in my head."
Author: Dorfmeister Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It is for me a difficult race. I had never raced under 3,000 meters, so this is a very tough race for me. Maybe for the future it gives me confidence to improve. I'm not disappointed because it's my first time."
Author: Bekele Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"There's a 26-race regular season where you can bring the intensity of the final 10 into every week, and that will burn you out pretty quick,"
Author: Busch Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Sooner or later, I need to begin to do what any candidate does in a presidential race; I need to begin to win."
Author: Alexander Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Monday is the start of two races. One of the races will be over in 2½ hours. The other race — to be the world's greatest marathoner — won't be over for 18 months."
Author: Wittenberg Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I am optimistic and the ‘chip' has been changed, because the Vuelta is a different race, ... It has nothing to do with the (Tour) from a month ago."
Author: Heras Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"[NASCAR, 7:30 p.m. Saturday on TNT: The final race to determine Nextel Cup's Chase for the Championship participants should be one of the biggest of the season, with Jeff Gordon's status the main story line. Will he or won't he? Analyst Bill Weber says watch out if he does:] He's played mediocre ball at best all season, but he's still got a chance to make the playoffs. And if he gets in the question is: ... No, I do not.'"
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"We are going as fast as we can as soon as we can. We're in a race against time, until we run out of money."
Author: Nicholson Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I think it's OK to improve yourself with the venues you race at, but I don't see much of an improvement than coming to Richmond."
Author: Crawford Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Slow and steady wins the race."
"I don't see it like a race. Like I said last year, I just come to spring training to get ready for the season. It's not up to me to make a decision. They know what I can do."
Author: Castro Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I finished fourth in this race in 1981 with Rojo Grande. I'm really pleased to win it."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It was just a real good horse race."
Author: Matz Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I'm so happy to be to be on the podium today. Before the race things weren't going to plan. In the morning warm-up we were so slow and were in real trouble. My guys made some changes and I have to be real grateful to them as they got it right and that's why I got third. The bike was so much better in the race than it had been all weekend - so much faster."
Author: Hayden Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"He has a lot of talent. He won a very tough race and is an excellent speaker."
Author: Alexander Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"They absolutely ruined the race. I was already a little bit tired yesterday."
Author: Tauber Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I'm proud and ecstatic and everything. This race is everything to anybody who drag races."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It’s a race I rode just once but I liked it very much, ... It’s a very nice race. I think it has a very demanding mountainous part, then the time trials are not too long. It’s a race I liked the year I went."
Author: Heras Quotes Category: Race Quotes

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