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"When Sergei became a free agent I thought with his reputation, record and skill we would be foolish not to have a look at him."
Author: Pardew Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"I don't view it as a risk at all, ... Soyuz has an excellent reputation for safety and reliability."
Author: Olsen Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"He has a great reputation as a linebacker, but I think he looks better running the ball."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"I am thinking of changing my name to Tony Abbott to improve my reputation,"
Author: Fraser Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"There is no fabrication of snow reporting here. We have a reputation, if anything, for underreporting."
Author: Olson Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"Lands' End is one of the finest national brands that Sears has in the store, with an impeccable reputation for quality and customer loyalty. It really makes sense to treat it as such and make it a store in the store."
Author: Brouwer Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"Reputation is rarely proportioned to virtue."
Author: Francis Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes Swiss Clergyman Quotes
"They have a reputation for big, bold, sometimes aggressive playing. There is a real intensity in his playing. The technique is formidable."
"The physical assets of such a firm comprise a small proportion of its asset base, ... Trust and reputation can vanish overnight. A factory cannot."
"Your user ID is the basis for your reputation. If you are doing good work, you will gain trust. If you do bad work it will get reverted. We don't care about your personal name or what your previous credentials are."
Author: Wales Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"She's definitely earned her reputation. She knows where she is on the floor at all times and she puts in the work. Everybody knows they have to stop her going into a game. Her reputation has preceded her now."
Author: Erdahl Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"had a big, bad reputation."
"If (Des Moines) supports the shows and they do well, it's all good for the reputation of the arena and the market."
"It may give the governor a sense he has to prove something — establish his reputation to not back down. I am afraid the parties are really digging in. This has become a first-class dispute, a bitter dispute."
Author: Chaison Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"When he played, he had that clown reputation. There were a lot of guys like that, but he stood out. As a pitching coach, he's going to be awesome. He's personable, easygoing, and he seems excited to be here. It will be good. We don't need to work all the time."
Author: Hudson Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"Dubai has a reputation of being the place where you go in ... if you want to ship something with anonymity."
Author: Hunter Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"Cary Grant was another gentleman who I saw around the lot. Wallace Berry had a reputation for being gruff but he was very nice to me."
Author: Hickman Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"Right now the domestic brands do not have the reputation that would allow them to go without incentives. Chrysler tried it three years ago. Then two weeks later they got right back on the incentives because without them they couldn't market anything. The brand strength of Honda, the history of reliable, durable products, is great enough to pull in prospects without customer cash."
Author: Libby Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"New Yorkers, by reputation, are fast-talking, assertive and easily annoyed; I fit right in."
"What people say behind your back is your standing in the community."
Author: Howe Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes

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