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"We've obviously started our research in terms of what the options are going to be for us. One of the goals that we have is to develop the players we have so somebody can be a starter for our organization in the future, or to bring somebody to the organization that has the potential to be a future starter relative to our situation."
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"No matter what your guest satisfaction surveys say – even if satisfaction is in the stratosphere – it doesn't matter. Research doesn't support the concept that customer satisfaction predicts growth."
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"Re-establishing an R&D tax credit in New Hampshire will promote and reward companies that conduct research and development in the Granite State and help attract new R&D jobs to the state."
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"HP has invested many billions of dollars in technology [research and development]. We have a deep and rich patent portfolio, which serves us well in a situation like this,"
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"We should not criminalize responsible scientific research here in our state, and that includes somatic cell nuclear transfer,"
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"Nathan is a tremendous person, and his intellect is something that is sorely missed. But in terms of the research groups, hiring and everything else, we've been going full speed."
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"Today is the culmination of a tremendous amount of [research and development], ... trying to fundamentally understand where we went wrong as a company, where we went off the rails, [and] how we can get back on the rails."
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"Research has shown that it's extremely unusual to find more than one infected animal in a herd, especially in a country where the disease has as low a prevalence as it does in the U.S.. Plus there are food safety measures taken at the time of slaughter that are designed to prevent potentially contaminated material from entering the food chain."
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"There's a great deal of research, and all of it affects somebody."
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"Unfortunately, research institutions and universities have not taken this issue seriously. They pay lip service to responsible conduct and research integrity."
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"If Endnotes was adopted university-wide, CSU could turn out the most competent secondary research students in the world. It will increase student and faculty research capacity and productivity because it is flexible and saves time by integrating programs."
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"After conducting extensive market research, we found that Mr. Jim's customers were passionate and loyal, but Mr. Jim's did not have a consistent brand image. Working with the team at Mr. Jim's, we developed a new branding campaign to tell their unique story."
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"The movie was going to be a big hit. Of course, that was a perfect illustration of what market research does. It tells you what you don't need to know and is often very misleading."
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"There's plenty of room for Intel to raise their dividend and still have sufficient cash flow to fund their research and development,"
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"It was a culmination of several weeks of work and several months of research."
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"[That can be done, but it can be frustrating.] The world doesn't wait for you to go through your research, ... You're sitting there doing your research and while you twiddle your thumbs, Rome is burning."
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"The zoo wanted to be a conduit for research. The novel thing with this is it will be used to get data with the Florida panther."
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"We are considering naming chairs after distinguished Indians. The research center will look at a broad canvas of research on all aspects of India."
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"Our India plans include expansion of the teams in the existing research areas and forming new research groups for cryptography and security."
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"Is it always economical to shoot for maximum yield? Research has shown that it's not. It may take the same amount of nitrogen to reach 179 bushels per acre as it does to only reach 170 bushels per acre. It's impossible to determine at what point the nitrogen level is reached to where it is no longer a benefit to gain more yield without a nitrogen rate trial in every field."
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