Responsibility Quotes

433 Responsibility quotes:

"We had a guy who was dominant. The more responsibility we've put on (Rhodes), the more he's accepted."
"We want to ensure everything possible is done to protect our responsibility to oversee the National Airspace System."
"I think the school should take responsibility for their traffic."
"As a place of some resources we had a responsibility to reach out to those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina."
"Merck should come to the table and accept responsibility."
"I think we saw a chastened Dwayne Andreas, one who took full responsibility for what happened,"
"They already feel a certain amount of responsibility for what happened to them."
"I have a responsibility to make sure my citizens are protected. That goes beyond the legal mandate,"
"The way to avoid responsibility is to say, ''I've got responsibilities.''"
"Our problem is that we really need to take responsibility for the different things we need to do. We only have until May, so what we're trying to do is organize ourselves."
"We have a responsibility as citizens to do what we can for each other,"
"The guards definitely take full responsibility for that. We didn't get the ball to the big guys, me included. That's something we can't let happen again."
"I take full responsibility for the crimes. . . . I knew I was wrong, but I couldn't stop."
"I am definitely a firm believer in the right to own a firearm, but with that right comes a responsibility. And that responsibility is to make sure that you have access to it, and only you."
"Sometimes when you have a new responsibility like he has you lose a bit of your main strength, but we need him focussed like he was tonight."
"As the capabilities of the Republic of Korea grow, obviously they will assume more and more responsibility, as they have been doing in recent years. As that happens in an orderly way, over time, there will be adjustments in the command relationship and those are the kinds of things allies discuss."
"The responsibility (Belichick) gave me with the Browns, well, I wouldn't be able to do what I do now if I hadn't had that kind of responsibility,"
"It's not just a vision or a romantic idea, but a responsibility if we're serious about bringing more than 2,000 people to live here."
"The captaincy felt weird. I have not had this responsibility since I captained the under-20s (Australian team),"
"I wasn't about taking responsibility because things just came to me. I got a lot of free throws."

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