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"What's a store with food in it if you don't have food? What's a store with fresh water if you don't have water? What are you supposed to do?"
Author: Faulk Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"You don't have to be a genius to know when the storm hits, you're going to need water, food, diesel, gasoline, evacuation needs, helicopters, boats, medicine. So why does someone call me up when I don't have any communications and ask me, 'What do I need?' The system needed to go into automatic."
Author: Ebbert Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"I just really strongly oppose this, ... I have pushed back very, very hard on food stamps."
Author: Walsh Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"I can't believe Kathy Ireland is really carrying food to my car. She didn't have to do this. Just donating money and getting this stuff here was more than enough for me, but to see a woman of her stature actually helping with a problem instead of throwing money at it really makes me appreciate her as a human being."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"The mood always lightens after a win. People are nicer, the food tastes better, practice is a lot more fun,"
Author: Bosh Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"We know that olive oil made it into our food around 1000 B.C., but it is the first time we have laboratory evidence that it was used in smelting as a fuel."
"The Food Network is getting a little more entertaining than I would have thought a couple years back. They're in 80 million homes now. This is no longer a niche market."
Author: Batali Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"None will reach the more ambitious (1996) World Food Summit goal of halving the number of hungry people."
Author: Diouf Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"[Gray said his team has started working with the federal Food and Drug Administration on a possible discharge plan for Tools, who has been allowed to leave the hospital for short periods since his initial excursion.] It will take several months to work it out, ... and it's too early to give a discharge date."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"We always raise the alarm in plenty of time, but it's rare to receive enough food to cover critical food needs at the right time, ... Timely contributions like this one ... go a long way to helping hungry people before they become starving people."
Author: Morris Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"You have to think of Latin food as a couple of culinary superpowers: the Caribbean-African influence and the Central American corn, rice and beans. And from South America comes fresh seafood; Peru, the birthplace of potatoes; and in Chile and Argentina, you see the European influence."
Author: Sanchez Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"It's hard for us to keep it on the shelf. One customer wanted to buy $500 worth of dehydrated food."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"Individuals interested in donating can call The Bridge. We do still need food, paper products, money, cleaning supplies - if people could call and coordinate donations. People loved donating clothing to The Bridge - it was an avenue; if they could put their focus on collecting cleaning supplies - toilet paper, food etc. - these items are a priority."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"The government seems to have successfully worked its way up the food chain and enlisted the help of senior officers of the company who obviously were cooperating."
Author: Behre Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"How do you provide food, water ... basic security for the population?"
Author: Osterholm Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"This was really positive for us, ... She's interested enough in us and food that we can distract her."
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"I like the prop food so much that I eat it between takes as well as on camera,"
Author: Gandolfini Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"When they eventually ran out of food, some but not all resorted to eating the flesh of those who'd died. This story has mythic power in large part as a testimony to what people are capable of when pushed to the extremes of human experience. Some become savages. Some become heroes."
Author: Houston Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"There is such a thing as food and such a thing as poison. But the damage done by those who pass off poison as food is far less than that done by those who generation after generation convince people that food is poison."
"We had excellent plans. We had enough food for 10 days. Now we'll have to equip our department heads with guns and teach them how to shoot."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: Food Quotes

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