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Rules Quotes

367 Rules quotes:

"The rules have really helped him. Three, four years ago, if you had that speed, you always had a stick on you. The game is a lot more exciting now."
Author: Lemieux Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"There has been no contact and I've yet to see anything from Cleveland regarding Phil. The NFL has rules that prohibit anybody from contacting an employee of another team until the season is over."
Author: McKay Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"Players have already adjusted to the rules changes from 2004. They've developed alternate techniques that can be effective but less likely to draw an illegal-contact flag."
Author: Schwartz Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"We actually do listen, and a lot of board members have some serious issues with some of these rules,"
Author: Kalikow Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The officers are not overriding the timing of the lights, they're merely enforcing the rules. All it takes is one car or pedestrian blocking the intersection and everything goes to pot."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"He plays by the rules. Whatever the rules are, he will follow them."
Author: Hoagland Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"We have three rules. Rule No. 3 is 'Do your best.' [Moore] didn't do his best. That can apply to any place."
Author: Stallings Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The rules were suspended, the bill was introduced and the lobbyists began pressuring legislators. The deregulation steamroller crushed everything in its path, including senior citizens, low-income people, as well as conservation and consumer groups."
Author: Toole Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"There is a problem in San Marcos with some proprietors not enforcing the rules. I also know the city officials know there is a problem."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"Why aren't the banks explaining the rules of the game in online banking? Why don't they have flash screens at ATMs on the safety of their technology and steps for using it properly?"
Author: Ayoub Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"Somebody who was willing to mislead or ignore the rules on these smaller issues would certainly be willing to resort to similar tactics when it came to matters of greater significance."
Author: Mintz Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"Even the rules that are in place are not being followed."
Author: Tory Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"In my case, I broke the rules and I've been suspended 18 years. So if guys broke the rules the last two years then they have to be handed out some kind of sentence."
Author: Rose Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"That cannot be tolerated, ... He violated our rules of procedures. I consider it the most serious violation of rule and order to place a prisoner in your custody and not inform the dispatcher. You put that person in a vulnerable position."
Author: Gallagher Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"There are just so many intellectual things with the script that aren't normal, ... breaking all the rules, and it still works."
Author: Leguizamo Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"He was removed from the national team because he didn't comply with some rules that are followed around here."
Author: Suarez Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"There are no rules. No supervision. Anything goes. And because of that nobody gets into a fight."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"You're not allowed to be tired. That's against the rules. That's not an option. They know what happened at Arkansas. They know what happened against Kentucky. They just didn't want that to happen anymore."
Author: Gottfried Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"When developers would come into the neighborhood they'll understand what the rules of the game are. So we'll be in the driver seat."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"He can handle the puck in a crowd, he has great speed. If they call the rules the way they say they are going to call the rules, he should be great."
Author: Arnott Quotes Category: Rules Quotes

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