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"I don't care about the rules. In fact, if I don't break the rules at least 10 times in every song then I'm not doing my job properly."
"It sounds like they can break their own rules when they're investigating crimes. Too bad our clients can't bend the rules."
Author: Wesley Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"Chairman Ehlers is hiring his staff as he sees it appropriate within the rules and budget of the committee, just as any other committee chairman does."
Author: Brandt Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"All across the board, most of the major companies have enacted some type of hard-core rules that basically set the record straight that the talent has to take every opportunity to keep indecency off the air, ... slightest infraction."
Author: Harrison Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"You've got rules and regulations to follow."
Author: Henderson Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"If they're following the rules, they don't want to see other companies get away with bending or breaking them. We're gonna be on top of this."
Author: McClellan Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"Most companies today are probably oriented toward legal compliance - gotta obey the rules. Then there are others who say, 'We need to adopt ethical values in the core of how we manage this company.' The best firms are doing that."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"He didn't do anything wrong as far as breaking the rules, ... He just didn't recruit very good players, and he didn't coach them very well."
Author: Zimmer Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"I believe in rules. Sure I do. If there weren't any rules, how could you break them?"
"The national rules say each team can have a head coach and four assistants. We have a great group and this year we have some junior assistants from the high school. I think it helps for the girls to have someone they can relate to on their level."
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"[In a move Stone favors, the NCAA has modified the women's rules for the preseason workouts, increasing the individual skills time from two hours to four hours per week and permitting more than four players to participate at a time with coaches, meaning full teams can go through drills.] I think it's a great thing, ... You can build chemistry."
Author: Stone Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The coaches we have don't blink when they see it. They understand it. We have rules about how we like to play against the 3-4. We know it."
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"The last capped-year rules that are in place are much different to the rules we've operated with to date. They capture a lot of the tricks of the trade that otherwise would allow you to extend salary-cap dollars. Labor peace has been great for us in the National Football League. It has made life easier, and I think it's been good for the players."
Author: McKay Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"Not changing the rules always got lost in the interpretation."
Author: Tacy Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"There are only two rules. One is E. M. Forster's guide to Alexandria; the best way to know Alexandria is to wander aimlessly. The second is from the Psalms; grin like a dog and run about through the city."
Author: Morris Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The membership voiced its concerns about our current residence and transfer rules, and we developed this proposal in response to those concerns."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The product manager is rules-driven and lets you build the parameters of your contract through user configuration, rather than computer programming."
Author: Wesley Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The plan itself is still being drafted. We're working with HUD on rules and regulations."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"Even if there is only one possible unified theory, it is just a set of rules and equations. What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?"
Author: Hawking Quotes Category: Rules Quotes English Physicist Quotes
"Exceptions don’t always prove old rules, sometimes they presage a new one."

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