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"Safety issues are our primary priority."
Author: DeVilbiss Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"One of the areas that I'm most concerned about is the fact that there remains an insufficient safety net for children with health care needs in this system. Two years after the Jackson children were identified as having starved over a 13-year period, it remains possible today that there are children in the child protection system whose imminent medical needs are not being addressed."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"We've met unprecedented safety pressures and all in all, all the iron-handed measures should be implemented thoroughly."
Author: Yizhong Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"impact the safety and security of the entire Midwest."
Author: Blagojevich Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"Anything we can do to increase public safety is great."
Author: Osborn Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"There were increasing concerns about safety issues."
Author: Gallagher Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"The social safety net is in place and intact. That's not the problem. The problem is a hurricane just pushed out hundreds of thousands of people, ... You're seeing people trying to pile unrelated agendas on top of this tragedy, which I think is unfortunate."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"I knew the safety had rotated down and that I had the seam up the middle but I didn't think the corner was going to come up because we have a route outside of that."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"There [are] tons of debris down there, the likes of which have never been seen. To maintain safety, we needed to limit the number of firefighters working on the site."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"We believe a proper goal for safety is the record that was achieved during the first five years of commercial scheduled airline service which, while exposing the passengers to high risks by today's standards, was more than 100 times as safe as government manned space flight,"
Author: Rutan Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"I'm kind of used to safety. It's the same concept as corner, except more complicated. You have to make more reads and think quicker. Instead of reading the receiver, you read the quarterback."
Author: Grant Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"It had a huge impact on NASCAR safety. It made the drivers and the teams take a more aggressive approach to safety."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"It has had a significant impact on everyone in motor sports, from the safety side of it. Everyone got aggressive on safety, from NASCAR all the way down to grass roots racing."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"We're not changing anything, ... We've assigned the world's best referee, Joe Cortez, for the rematch. We'll take the same safety precautions we always take."
Author: Ratner Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"Ultimately, I have to get the guy down. I'm a safety, that's my job. I'll shoulder the blame as far as that goes. But we just blew the call."
Author: Roman Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"The university remains committed to the safety of all of its students and the welfare of all of its students, but the university is not a mind reader,"
Author: Pozner Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"You'd be hard-pressed to find any mining operation in the world that has a better safety record."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"Those looking for more safety should look for stocks that benefit from a dollar depreciation and ones not overly exposed to the domestic cycle or that have some international presence."
Author: Lindsay Quotes Category: Safety Quotes Currency Quotes
"We have invested many resources in developing and redefining our safety systems and procedures that we have become a model of early detection and warning systems design and response around the country."
Author: Barnett Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"Our only intent was the safety of the survivors and the citizens of this state."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Safety Quotes

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