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"You'll have a head-on collision. So you'd like to be careful with this 15-point safety plan."
Author: Ronecker Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"I think public safety would be endangered."
Author: Padilla Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"She's endangering the safety of the child. The standard would be that she engages in reckless conduct on a regular basis, and therefore she is an unfit parent."
Author: Oxman Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"Frequently child passenger safety restraints are installed incorrectly or the child is placed in a child passenger restraint that is not appropriate for their age and size."
Author: Fischer Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"We remain committed, able and willing to offer our witnesses the highest levels of safety and security, which has seen none of them assassinated, injured or intimidated in the past five years."
Author: Nkosi Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"I'd have to give a lot of credit to our safety program for 2005, asking drivers to slow down."
Author: Phelan Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"Hopefully this is the first step in establishing ASU-Newport as a regional transportation safety center, ... With the assistance of our congressional delegation in obtaining additional federal funding, this will become a reality."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"Your child is safest in a new child safety seat. A new seat will have a registration form that, when completed and returned to the manufacturer, will be used to notify the owner if there is a potential recall or defect in the future. New seats also have clearly labeled expiration dates."
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"It's a safety and welfare issue. It'll make our campus safer."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"Its rotting limbs are definitely a safety issue, ... If one of them were to fall on someone they could be seriously injured or killed."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"The entire matter from our point of view comes down to safety. We wanted to be assured that if a similar situation arose that it would be handled a different way. The agreement we have reached assures us of that."
Author: Shaw Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"When you see a big safety back there, it's more of a threatening presence."
Author: Zabransky Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"It's what we stress at camp, and we give them the tools — chants, cheers, basic stunts and safety techniques — to be effective (cheerleaders). Cheerleading is very athletic, there's no doubt about that, but the main purpose remains the same, to generate spirit, lead the crowd."
Author: Webb Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"put the safety of the citizens in jeopardy."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"The years I've had at quarterback have helped me a lot, being able to see a safety spinning down, things like that. It gives me an edge, I can kind of tell where the quarterback is going with the ball a lot of times."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"We remain very confident in the safety of U.S. beef."
"The council treats everyone's safety as an absolute priority."
Author: Dolan Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"It just doesn't make sense to us to address one safety problem and along the way create a new one."
Author: Tyson Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"We need to have full tests to protect patient safety."
Author: Sharer Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"[They] left a very important component at the airport which is still in my possession which can affect its safety in flight. In fact, flying the aircraft without that particular device could really hurt a person very badly when they land."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Safety Quotes

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