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586 Sales quotes:

"Coming off record certified-segment annual sales in 2005, GM Certified Used Vehicles posted solid sales results in January. GM Certified continues to lead all manufacturers in the certified category, and we are optimistic about the prospects for continued growth in 2006."
Author: LaNeve Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"While the bourbon category has been sluggish overall, premium whiskeys such as Maker's Mark have enjoyed double-digit sales increases. Maker's Mark is enjoying popularity particularly with the urban sophisticates."
Author: Shea Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"While second-quarter sales were disappointing, the group remains on track to deliver full-year earnings of $769 million, or $800 million before capital management."
Author: Fletcher Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Some held earlier and longer summer sales despite margins already being very tight, but there has been little sign in this survey of a response from consumers."
Author: Longworth Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Combined with the fact that today's retail sales data point to a surge in July personal consumption, this means that the consumer entered Q3 with substantial momentum."
Author: Shapiro Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"The sales have gone down by 40-50 per cent but we are not reducing our prices yet."
Author: Rashid Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"We are seeing decent physical demand on pullbacks. Lower central banks sales are also boosting prices."
Author: Guido Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"I'm very pleased that we achieved our third consecutive year of higher sales and also our third consecutive year of record earnings. Clearly we put in place a platform for solid sustainable growth in both sales and profits."
Author: McDonald Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"March sales were solidly in line with the targets established in our U.S. turnaround plan. We knew that comparisons to a year ago would be difficult because of high daily rental sales and expensive incentives last March. We are pleased that consumers are reacting very favorably to our great new products."
Author: LaNeve Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"We are looking at a few areas like sales automation and specific applications in electronic governance."
Author: Mathias Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Nationally the uppermost sector of the residential property market has held up relatively well with the 26% fall in sales of £1m properties comparing with a 36% decline in total house sales between the first halves of 2004 and 2005."
Author: Ellis Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Although we did not attain our goal of increasing earnings at the same rate of sales, our 8.9 percent growth in earnings per share in the fourth quarter represents more than triple the growth rate experienced in the first six months of the year,"
Author: Scott Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"NPD US retail video game software sales data for the January quarter implies that Take-Two's sales are down 40 percent compared with the prior year quarter."
Author: Pachter Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"You look at the fact that DVD sales are down and it tells you again that it's product-driven, ... Because why would somebody want to buy a DVD of a movie they didn't want to see in the first place? You still need to have great movies at the beginning of the pipeline and that feeds everything else."
"The interesting thing there, though, is that they did cut back on sales of lower margin phones. That helped them get the higher operating margin, but it did cost them some revenue."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"It is tough to gauge fleet sales in any month and following the boom in January we don't expect another upside surprise from fleet in February."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Service margins declined due to lower sales of upgrades for older legacy systems, higher training and field service activity and a special compensation-related charge. While we are disappointed with the absence of a noticeable improvement in profit margins in 2005, the factors that adversely affected them resulted primarily from deliberate strategic decisions we have made for long-term gain, and we expect to see additional margin improvements going forward."
Author: Reichental Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"We want to increase sales further this year. We have made a good start with January's results."
Author: Ganal Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Demand for our desktop and server products from enterprise customers was particularly strong this quarter with significant sales and customer momentum from our recently launched server products."
Author: Turner Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"By and large, retailers kept inventories tight and gift card redemptions also boosted sales."
Author: Perkins Quotes Category: Sales Quotes

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