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School Quotes

618 School quotes:

"I thought about going to prep school, but I wanted to come here anyway, and I was just hoping for a chance, ... They seemed interested, and I came in thinking I'd only get one chance, so I tried to make the best of it and show what I could do."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Ironically, she played for me in the middle school. I know a lot of them and I?m certainly getting to know the rest."
Author: Shepard Quotes Category: School Quotes
"We set school records for the most WPIAL qualifiers [11] and the most Southwest Region qualifiers [10]. Matching those totals will be tough in such a strong section."
Author: Ledbetter Quotes Category: School Quotes
"It feels like a sports school, and that's what we're trying to make it."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: School Quotes
"I'd like to be on ESPN someday or maybe the next step is to go to a bigger school or the NFL, ... But it's not like I have to leave here. I'm thrilled to be here."
Author: Corey Quotes Category: School Quotes
"[Brian Hoffman, a 2005 graduate of Pearce High School in Richardson, was in New Orleans for five days to start his freshman year at Tulane University. He had already started practice with the Tulane March Band when the school issued an order to evacuate. So Hoffman, a pre-med student, will take classes at the University of Texas at Dallas.] It's just unreal. It's disappointing, ... and making sure we come back [to Tulane] in the spring."
Author: Hoffman Quotes Category: School Quotes
"I've been watching her, and I idolized her last year (in high school). She's an amazing player."
Author: January Quotes Category: School Quotes
"She's a great player. I've played with her and against her in high school, and I knew what we were getting."
Author: Toliver Quotes Category: School Quotes
"I try and put myself in those shoes and think back at the way I was in high school, and I wasn't even in the same league maturity-wise as he is, and not many kids are. The responsibilities he's taken on in life are way more difficult than any football play we've ever run."
Author: Nash Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Shake structures. School yourself. Look twice at a thing, once upside down. Answer yourself clearly."
Author: Radmacher Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Maybe just an old high school gym where we left the door open."
Author: Humphrey Quotes Category: School Quotes
"He doesn't like the word 'school,'"
Author: Woods Quotes Category: School Quotes
"[Bledsoe may be considered old school, but it is the school most quarterbacks attend, including Manning.] They're almost clones, ... They're that similar in their style and how they play the game. I don't think the game has changed from the time Drew was drafted until Eli was drafted."
Author: Jaworski Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Despite reports of gunfire close to the school, the school has adequate supplies and students are reported safe. Our embassy remains in very close contact with the school."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: School Quotes
"His (Madison County) high school coach did a great job of coaching him on the fundamentals of blocking. That's been an easy thing for him."
Author: Lilly Quotes Category: School Quotes
"This school board administration will not stomach this kind of activity going on on our buses or schools. That person or persons involved in this incident this afternoon will face full criminal prosecution."
Author: Burnsed Quotes Category: School Quotes
"The only time I wasn't [in school] was about a year and a half ago, when I was really sick and in the hospital for a whole month."
Author: Friedman Quotes Category: School Quotes
"I actually built a tiny computer as a junior high school project."
"Some guys are old-school, some guys aren't. He's certainly not the only guy in the league who does it, either."
Author: Melvin Quotes Category: School Quotes
"He hasn't had a breakout game since that Memphis game two years ago. As a high school kid, that's what he was known for. It's good to see him do that."
Author: Weber Quotes Category: School Quotes

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