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"We thought security was adequate,"
Author: Warren Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We definitely need to look into ways to increase the security of our rail system."
Author: Orluskie Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"The fix doesn't necessarily have to be on the Social Security side but may be on the tax or budget side."
"If the Security Council can't deal with something like the Iranian nuclear weapons program, then it's hard to imagine what circumstances the (UN) Charter contemplated the Council would be involved in."
Author: Bolton Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"There is more than enough evidence that we have good security … these issues were addressed quickly and efficiently."
Author: Doyle Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"You can count on Social Security, and with every fiber of my being, I will make sure it is there not only for my generation, but for my children's generation and for my grandchild's generation."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Don't even get me started on "homeland security"! It was courageous for Bush to do, but you can't do anything without intel. They talk about "sharing" - we know they don't share. You can't get the job done without intel."
Author: Hunt Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Some of these security fixes are simply impractical, while others could harm trade. We need to think carefully about what we do as all this moves forward."
Author: Reynolds Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Ensuring the security of our global supply chain is critical to homeland security since maritime trade accounts for over 25 percent of the U.S. GDP (gross domestic product) and many experts believe that terrorists are likely to exploit the inherent vulnerabilities of the global supply chain for their nefarious purposes."
Author: Coleman Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Everyone is nervous. The security situation is not good. There are so many explosions at the checkpoints and near the convoys. The Americans are afraid. And when the driver doesn't see them, it happens sometimes that civilians are killed. It is a tragedy that most of the victims are civilians. It is making life more difficult. But this is our situation. It is very dangerous."
Author: Othman Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Security has always been a priority for us. We have made continuous efforts to make India a secure outsourcing destination through various initiatives."
Author: Karnik Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Several trends about online buying continue to develop -- especially regarding credit card security -- that could have major effects on the evolution of Internet commerce."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"In the Zhao Yan and Ching Cheong cases, the authorities, and in particular the State Security Department, seem to be having the greatest difficulty in demonstrating the guilt of the accused."
Author: Borders Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"If we elevate security without addressing the industry's liquidity, there will be no aircraft for the public to board,"
Author: Oberstar Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Keystroke logging is one of the oldest security tricks in the book. Hackers know now that if [they] can get one username and password, [they're] going to have pretty good luck getting into a number of different accounts."
Author: Ayoub Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"It's not so much a calculated security equation as an icky feeling about doing things differently."
Author: Eunice Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"They've said airport security was 50 percent of the case, and it was always a difficult case. So now it becomes doubly difficult."
Author: Tobias Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"The problem for Social Security is no different than the problem it's faced previously, except that it's smaller."
Author: Weisbrot Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"It's a privileged escalation attack. On Windows you can have users with different privileges, and because of security weakness in the permissions of a folder, it allows a low-ranked user to act as a high-ranked user."
Author: Opsahl Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"I just keep adding another layer of security to try and stop them. It may come down to me getting a bank vault."
Author: Cowan Quotes Category: Security Quotes

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