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"The stage characteristics weren’t for a climber, but it’s the last week of the Vuelta and strength is very important. A specialist like Plaza won, but I had the mentality to win. I almost won, it was so close. But I’m confident thinking of the future because of what happened today."
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"We talked about taking advantage of their size. They're undersized and they've got players out so our strength was in the middle tonight."
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"We felt it was important to make that move from a position of strength, when we could pick our partners, ... We feel the companies' cultures mesh well."
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"[Northwest] likes to fly around defensively. Their biggest strength defensively is that they won't let you get easy baskets."
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"We're seeing relative strength in (metals and minerals). There are a lot of base commodities prices that are trading at higher levels right now. The fact that the (Canadian) dollar is as low as it is has made our metals sector more competitive than they would at higher levels."
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"I don't know that there's been a year where there's been greater parity. Strength of schedule is something we do look for and it's important to the committee. The schedule Tennessee played this year and plays most years, however, as close as it was, we felt that Tennessee this year was a No. 2 seed."
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"We are very excited to get Marvell. He has strength and pace, and those two qualities will make for a very good defender in this league."
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"He (Snead) has been throwing already with the other guys. They have been very impressed with his arm strength. He and Colt should have a great grasp of what's going on in the spring. Our job is to get both these guys ready to play."
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"His strength was his strength. He seemed super-human."
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"I am going to do everything that I can to maintain my physical strength, maintain my physical conditioning. I'll even sit on my butt and throw the football, just so I can keep that motion intact."
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"Base and precious metals remain in a virtuous circle with each appearing to feed off the strength of the others."
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"The thing that stands out most about the 2006 Champions Tour schedule is its strength and continuity of our sponsorships. Within the last two years, many of our title sponsors have signed multi-year tournament extensions. As a result, the Champions Tour enjoys a very strong underpinning, with some contracts extending as far out as 2010. Our sponsors are committed to this Tour, and the Tour and its players are committed to them in return."
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"What worries me is that we haven't really seen a sign of strength, a point where the bears are overpowered by the bulls and throw in the towel, ... That would indicate a dramatic shift -- essentially the breaking of the camel's back."
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"The New Mexico proposal was stronger, specifically on the strength of their financial bid. Governor Richardson is personally very excited about the whole space business and about building New Mexico into a central hub for public spaceflight."
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"We had our chances, especially there at the end. I just wish we would have played at full strength, but I don't like to make excuses."
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"Don't ask for a light load, but rather ask for a strong back."
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"No one can be fearless alone."
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"Strengthen me by sympathizing with my strength, not my weakness."
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"Chris McAlister is probably the toughest defensive back for a wide receiver. It's a combination of his size and strength. He's the whole package. Troy Vincent , Champ Bailey and Charles Woodson are up there, too, but McAlister is the whole package."
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"What I like about today is that all of the main S&P sectors are higher, which shows broad strength for the market. And the consumer confidence number suggests optimism about the start of 2005."
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