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"Euro weakness could be more powerful than renewed dollar strength because sovereigns could refrain from divesting some of their U.S. dollar holdings."
Author: Wolf Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"I have to give credit to my strength and conditioning coach and to my quarterback coach for me being in good enough shape to run like that at the end of games. Coach Mike always makes me run after practice even though sometimes I get mad. But I appreciate it because it has paid dividends down the stretch."
Author: Hagans Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"These champions have overcome more than many of us can even imagine. Each story testifies of the strength of these kids and the outstanding caregivers who have changed their lives."
Author: Osmond Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"We're going to ask him to do the things he does well. His strength is getting on the perimeter and using that run-pass option to put the defense on its heels."
Author: Hinson Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"That deuce is what helps you in the 100. I truly believe that. With my weight, my strength and doing these deuces, the 100 is coming so easy to me now. Because I've got the start. I can get you out of the blocks. Now it's 'can you hold on?' I truly believe I can hold on, because I can do it in practice now."
Author: Scott Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"He has no strength in it, ... We were hoping that he would be a little better, and he's not."
"His arm strength looks good, his velocity is very good, but it's a mechanical thing just getting the ball down and locating the ball a little better."
"We will double the staff strength to 60 this year and ramp it up to 100 in 2007. We continue to identify research areas that are relevant to the region and germane to the high-quality talent available in India."
Author: Rashid Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"Obviously, the first win is very important, but just the strength of the field here, the Evian Masters, I think the whole ensemble of everything is huge, ... This is one of the biggest purses tournaments and purses that we have. I think that means an awful lot and is very exciting."
Author: Creamer Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"It's the strength of the incumbents."
Author: Giles Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"We have learned that our city's strength is unbreakable,"
Author: Bloomberg Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"It's fine. The knee is good. ... I've just got to get my strength back. My legs are fine. I just took a couple weeks off from training."
Author: Bonds Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"We knew that would be our strength, and every time we got the ball inside good things were happening. We missed some easy ones, but we got the ball right back."
Author: Ruth Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"We did a nice job out there. Our zone was great tonight but it's been good all year. The strength of this team is it's got great versatility."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"There's clearly no case for the Bank to be cutting rates from current levels given the strength of the housing market."
Author: Komileva Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"I wanted to show the stamina and strength of the men's singles game in China so I focused really hard to aim to get one point at a time and when I got to 10-13 I felt much more confident."
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"The Amgen Tour of California provides a great stage to show the strength of our team. And with the team and our title sponsor - as well as a number of our industry sponsors - based in California, we intend to make a good showing during the race."
Author: Corbett Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"I thought our defensive ends were going to be our strength this year,"
Author: Holt Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"We all know if this team was full strength, what the outcome probably would have been. But for me, I think what sticks out the most is just the heart of players going out there hurt. Granted, things didn't turn out the way we wanted, but to me, I'm thinking about playing hurt [as opposed to] not playing at all. For guys to go out there and show heart, what more can you ask for?"
Author: Sanders Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"We've tried to have it here. I'd like to know I have the pitching strength. Bethany can move the ball better than the other three. Nichole can pitch really fast. Emily and Michelle are young and they have a lot to learn."
Author: Gillespie Quotes Category: Strength Quotes

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