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"I saw balls that were hit where he had to run and stop. I didn't see much favoring in the knee. He's so much better than he was in spring training. That was a real workout."
Author: Alou Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"We had too many balls on the ground. [We'll] look at this guy for a couple of days, see what happens."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"I know on offense we're going to be fine. But we need to block some balls. This is a senior-laden group and they know what they need to do to keep playing."
Author: Pavlik Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"Our receivers have to get back to some balls, and our line has to protect a little better. So there's a lot involved, but if we can go into this game and just cut down the turnovers, we'll have a chance."
Author: Cavanaugh Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"We'll want to get a feel for how balls bounce off the fence and get used to the field."
Author: Eenhoorn Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"We've played well defensively. We don't miss too many balls there."
Author: Gardenhire Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"We finally started blocking and touching balls at the net, which made our transitions easier."
Author: Morales Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"He's one-for-three as an outfielder. That's catching balls, not hitting."
Author: Hargrove Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"It was one of those shots you can stand there with 100 balls, and never do it again."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"He doesn't have the fastest serve, but he places it well. His balls have a lot of kick and it makes it hard to attack his serve."
Author: Puerta Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"Our fielders have to catch a lot of balls, or at least deflect them to someone who can."
"Oh, yeah, he made those great plays. What would have been if those balls got through?"
Author: Bagwell Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"I'd rather do this all spring. I've been getting easy ground balls. I want some bullets."
"These guys were raised too good. Hey, I don't want guys who won't sign balls for a kid, or who give the front office (flak), or a guy who's not a good human being. I want good people representing the Detroit Tigers organization, too. But I want a different animal, which is the best way to put it. I want to see that mean streak when we go compete."
Author: Leyland Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"The first half, we just played great. We came out and knocked some 3-balls down and that's what we've got to do. If they do that, teams will not be able to double-down on Trent and Connor. ... Teams are going to be scrambling if we play like that."
Author: Tronsrue Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"Balls are not one size fits all."
Author: Wheeler Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"Look at the runs he gave up, they were two breaking balls over the plate, ... He made a couple of breaking ball mistakes and that's two extra runs."
Author: Russa Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"The tusks that clashed in mighty brawlsOf mastodons, are billiard balls.The sword of Charlemagne the JustIs ferric oxide, known as rust.The grizzly bear, whose potent hugWas feared by all, is now a rug.Great Caesar's bust is on the shelf,And I don't feel so well myself."
Author: Guiterman Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"I hit some balls with the wind and I hit some into the wind, ... and I felt very encouraged by it."
Author: Akers Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"He was working both sides of the plate. He got a lot of ground balls, got what he needed. He's had a good year and it seems like he's been doing it to more than just us."
Author: Tracy Quotes Category: Balls Quotes

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