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Television Quotes

286 Television quotes:

"The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead station."
Author: Gibson Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"With today's enactment of the budget reconciliation bill and its digital television provisions, we have crossed an important threshold. NAB is pleased that Congress adopted many pro-consumer DTV measures in the legislation, and we're encouraged that the bill thwarted cable industry attempts to degrade the quality of HDTV pictures to consumers."
Author: Rehr Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"Shooting a television show can be very difficult and at times can really wear on you. If you keep reminding yourself that it is a job and you show up together as a team and as a whole, you can prevail."
"Everybody will watch this trial live on television."
Author: Blitzer Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"It is the tennis fan who will likely benefit the most through greater exposure on television for tennis."
Author: Miles Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"Television, as you know, can kind of jettison you into a whole new world."
Author: Caruso Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"We are very pleased to be partnered with My TV in the expanding television markets of Nigeria and Ghana. Since our entry into the African market two years ago, it has been exciting to see the demand for first-rate international sports programming continue to grow."
"In this television moment, which is where his public presence mushroomed out from radio, there were images that were iconic,"
"In this television moment, which is where his public presence mushroomed out from radio, there were images that were iconic."
"Even though I've won major tennis tournaments, been on television, radio and numerous magazine covers, seeing my picture on McDonald's packaging was one of the coolest and most exciting moments of my life - I literally beamed when I saw it. McDonald's Global Casting Call will give people around the world the chance to feel the same excitement I did that day."
"I'm in a television program that is always among the top 20, that's shown in 67 countries in the world, helping lobotomize the entire world."
Author: Stander Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"I think there's a kind of xenophobic frenzy on talk radio, on cable television, from (CNN's) Lou Dobbs to some of the shows on Fox (News),"
Author: Chavez Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"My town's too small to have a television station. We just became the TV station."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"I really think this is my calling. I'm excited about it. When I retired, television was something I felt I knew."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"I told him like I told everyone on national television that I didn't intentionally hit him but it was obvious that he intentionally hit me."
Author: Newman Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"You're going to have a huge audience in Thompson-Boling (Arena), plus national television coverage. It's a big game, and yet a lot of people say, 'Is the rivalry still what it used to be?' I don't think it's going to be any different. Both teams are going to be excited to play."
Author: Summitt Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"We have healthier programs in the middle than we've ever had. Part of that is based on more television opportunities for more people and more bowl opportunities for more people."
Author: Delany Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"Before I was not in the television cameras every 5 minutes, I wasn't as visible, but this year I plan on being more visible to ensure that Virgin Rap Division does not lose. Although I am a very low key person, I am competitive, and with every ounce of my spirit, I will ensure that this label is taken seriously."
Author: Dupri Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"Come on, We have huge television contracts."
Author: Bowlen Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"It is not television or radio or telephone, but a brand new, robust form of publishing that deserves the same First Amendment protections as print."
Author: Berman Quotes Category: Television Quotes

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