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Basketball Quotes

910 Basketball quotes:

"If Michael Jordan was the standard for hard work in basketball, then Jerry Rice is the standard for football, ... If there's a way to go out for Jerry, this is probably the right way. The gas is out of the tank. He did everything that he could. Most people didn't think he would have the impact that he did on this game. But he came into the league trying to make a team, and that's how he's leaving."
Author: Lott Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"I went to Hersey Hawkins and Jim Les basketball camp when I was in grade school. I've heard stories. Never on this level have I heard the amount of volume that's been going around Peoria and the buzz."
"Ain't no pressure games or big games for us. We're just playing. We're just playing basketball."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We've been playing good basketball the whole tournament. We're not the powerhouse most teams are. We just get the most out of our ability and we never give up."
Author: Solis Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Kentucky is going to be a Kentucky team. Coach [Tubby] Smith always has those guys ready to play basketball -- their defensive intensity, their team cohesiveness -- that's a mainstay. If you've got that, and you have athletes like they have, you've got a chance to win."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"It's special from the fact Sarah stuck with basketball, knowing she is not going to play a lot. I have a lot of admiration for her."
Author: Andrews Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We had the lead but couldn't hold onto it. It was just an ugly basketball game. What more can I say?"
Author: Salyers Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Like I told the guys, that's a good basketball team. We hung in there, we kept fighting, but that is no consolation. We still have to learn how to get over the hump."
Author: Scott Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"I love watching college basketball. March Madness is one of the unique things in sports where good teams that nobody's heard of — Cinderella stories — come out of nowhere to win a few games. It's something the nation really embraces."
"It's a good rivalry. It's intense every time we play. It's good for basketball as long as it doesn't get out of control."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"It's a competitive basketball game and everyone is out there playing hard. For a freshman to go at Chris is surprising. He's a pretty big dude."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"The struggles of Louisville and Kentucky are aberrations. That shows you the state of the game in college basketball. With kids going to the pros left and right, it's hard to maintain stability."
Author: Cronin Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Alyssa can be an exceptional college runner. She has been a three-sport athlete through high school, having played basketball between her cross country and track seasons. Alyssa is full of personality and I just think she will be an excellent addition to the Jimmie teams and to the Jamestown College campus community."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"As an athletic department staff member, he is so loyal and so committed -- not just to men's or women's basketball, but to the whole program. He's not been able to give to the whole athletic program like he would have liked to and so I think the most obvious change you'll see is his attention to some of the sports that he has not been able to really commit to."
Author: Sparks Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We have a student body that is fired up about Bears basketball. It's a whole different level, the best our students have been since I've been here. This is a big game."
Author: Hinson Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"When they're breaking for basketball games, ... you know that it's not (going) too, too badly."
Author: Grove Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Duke is the premier basketball program in the nation. For us, this is a great opportunity, and to me, it is an honor to go to Duke and play. Playing Duke will be a great experience for our kids and will certainly prepare us for the wars we are going to have to play in the Big Ten."
Author: Sampson Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Maggie touched so many people beyond basketball. Our family has received an outpouring of sympathy from across the country and we are deeply appreciative. As her older brother I know she looked up to me. But I always looked up to her, too, and it's obvious that a lot of other people did as well."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes Sympathy Quotes
"I don't feel we have a lack of confidence. We're just playing some bad basketball."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"It's great for college basketball. We've seen teams get close . . . but we haven't seen that one team break through."
Author: Shyatt Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes

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