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"It's a special treat. They've been around basketball long enough that some of that's in their blood."
"That's probably the most disciplined team I've ever seen in high school basketball. All the teams in the Panhandle don't play like that. But we just adapted."
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"Suppose a minor-league basketball franchise wanted to come to South Jersey? This project will produce revenue in ways we haven't even thought of yet."
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"We are not a selfish basketball team. And we played some selfish basketball."
"It's just getting better. The quality of basketball in the state is maintaining at a pretty high level. It's something that we get people out here to watch and get little girls interested in playing."
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"When he came here, he was a big-time athlete. He was a better athlete than a basketball player, really. ... But he's become a lot better offensive player."
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"Turnovers in the last four minutes of the ball game cost us, but we've still got a lot more basketball left. If we continue to play good defensively and take care of the ball offensively, we'll be there at the end."
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"You're looking at Miss Basketball. You're looking at one of the best post players the state of Indiana has ever seen. The kid is so mentally tough and an outstanding basketball player. She's a great leader on and off the floor, (and) she's going to score nine out of 10 times if she gets the ball on the block."
"We wanted to come out and put our foot down and let people know that we are a good basketball team."
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"We played a very good basketball team tonight. They made the game too hard for us. I thought we gave everything we had in the first, but the way they played, the way they shot the basketball I don't think we could have won. They did what they had to do, and they took care of the home game."
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"He runs, he catches and he alters shots. You just don't see a lot of players in college basketball like him."
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"You just don't see a lot of players like Glen Davis in college basketball."
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"As a college basketball player, this is what you want a chance to have an opportunity to do."
"I think this is a statement that we are improving. We are a tough basketball team. It says that coming to Madison Square Garden is not an easy out."
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"They're very deep, that's a strength of their basketball team. But I'm not going to use that as an excuse. We didn't foul anybody out tonight, and I don't think it hurt us."
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"Different sports will have different challenges, ... Hockey has been done a little bit. I'm not aware of anyone doing basketball. It's sort of a starting spot with us for baseball. We have talked about doing this for our NHL package. We're still fine-tuning that for the winter."
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"That's who we wanted (to play). They're playing great basketball. We're excited."
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"I'm leaving Morgan State to pursue other opportunities and wish Morgan State and its basketball program success in the future."
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"Helping the Opals win the gold medal is a goal of mine. That will be great for women's basketball in this country."
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"They are a terrific executing team. They are a very efficient basketball team."
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