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"I don't know what has transpired the last few games - the way he has shot the basketball, he's not shooting as well. I don't know if it's more attention being focused on him with those other guys being out that's wearing on him. I don't know, but we have to rectify it."
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"I thought our basketball IQ at the end of the game, up 11, could have been a lot better."
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"It's great for college basketball."
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"They've been very fortunate to win a lot of basketball games here. I'm just extremely happy for them."
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"Offensive basketball is like the stock market — it goes up and down. He had to reach that level of consistency on defense."
"Oh, this is basketball, baby. I look at them, I tell them 'This is basketball. This is what you've been doing all of your life. ... This is what you love to do. So go out there, play basketball, play hard and have fun.' These guys work hard, believe in each other and they're great teammates."
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"He's always dangerous because if you give him an opportunity to shoot the basketball, he's going to knock it down. It doesn't take much time for him to get them off. He's a senior and he's going to make big plays."
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"I have to be who am I and I am going to do what is best for Kentucky basketball."
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"I think we had played some of our worst basketball that weekend. We felt those were some potential victories that we let slip away, but we have an opportunity to redeem ourselves."
"I love playing basketball and I wanted to give this a try after graduating from college. I got my degree but I wanted to keep playing for a while. So far it's been a great experience. But I'd really like to take it to the next level and see where I fit in. Plus, finally, after all these years, it's nice to get paid to play."
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"This truly is a great day. A great day for Adam, a great day for our basketball program and me personally. It's the right decision because he and his family went about it the right way. ... It's what he wants to do and he is ready for it. He's going to be a great player at the next level."
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"They played really hard tonight, Ithaca did. I thought they played really good basketball."
"To me, he's as unique a college basketball player as I've seen in some time. The thing I love the most is that he loves the game and works tirelessly at the game. You can't have the offensive repertoire that he has unless you spend hour upon hour in the gym. As a coach, that's something you really admire."
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"We really focused on controlling the basketball and making them work on defense. To make the separation we had to do the grunt work."
"If Michael Jordan was the standard for hard work in basketball, then Jerry Rice is the standard for football, ... If there's a way to go out for Jerry, this is probably the right way. The gas is out of the tank. He did everything that he could. Most people didn't think he would have the impact that he did on this game. But he came into the league trying to make a team, and that's how he's leaving."
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"I went to Hersey Hawkins and Jim Les basketball camp when I was in grade school. I've heard stories. Never on this level have I heard the amount of volume that's been going around Peoria and the buzz."
"We're not usually a basketball program, we're wrestling. This was the first time we had done anything even near this big in our program. It puts us on the map. We'll try to make some noise in states."
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"What a game that'll be. Both play two absolutely opposite styles of basketball. We'll see which style wins out."
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"Ain't no pressure games or big games for us. We're just playing. We're just playing basketball."
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"We've been playing good basketball the whole tournament. We're not the powerhouse most teams are. We just get the most out of our ability and we never give up."
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