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"At halftime I said we've played three really good halves of basketball. We didn't get that fourth half."
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"They showed us what playoff basketball is about. It was good for us to go through. We've experienced some ups and downs in the past and we've bounced back before. So I'm going to spin this into a positive and say that this butt-kicking was a good lesson for us on both ends of the floor."
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"We have grown since then. We are a better basketball team. We play with confidence now."
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"We don't do anything fancy. We just move the basketball."
"We played unselfish basketball. The girls were willing to give up the basketball and move the ball around."
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"Walking has been ridiculous in college basketball the past 15 years."
"He was pretty much a victim of my lack of success. He has an extremely intelligent basketball mind. He's constantly studying the game, and he never has let the game bypass him in any way."
"Obviously, I'm pleased with the way we played tonight. We got a lot of good basketball from a lot of different players."
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"It was great to see him shoot the basketball and let it go with the confidence he did. The biggest thing I look at with Lee is the confidence level he's shooting the ball with. Tonight, he was just letting it go and shooting it with a great deal of confidence."
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"I've been playing basketball since I was a little kid. It's always been a big part of my life. My initials are underneath it because it signifies that I have been playing basketball since I was six years old."
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"Their quickness made us panic a little bit. As long as we took care of the basketball and got a good shot every possession, we were in good shape."
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"A lot of people ask me, why do you play Division III basketball? You don't get a lot of notoriety, you don't get a lot of fans ? but I guess we get a lot of fans. But this is it, for moments like these."
"It was the same scenario. The last 5 minutes, I just thought they were the tougher basketball team."
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"I hate them with all the hate you can hate with. Can you hate more than that? If you can, I hate them more than that."
"That's probably the best quarter of basketball we've played all year."
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"Dionne is an amazing basketball player, and she hasn't even begun to reach her full potential yet. She proved she is just as good as Sophia Young. I expect her to be an All-American before she graduates."
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"It was a very, very intense crowd (at the volleyball match), and it will only be bigger for basketball and even bigger for football next year."
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"We played a full 40 minutes of sound basketball."
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"He raises the I.Q. of your basketball team - he helps us tremendously,"
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"We are incredibly happy to be here today. We survived an incredible basketball game. Washington gave us everything we could ever imagine to handle. But we were able to withstand it and advance. And that is what you want to do in the NCAA Tournament."
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