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"I think on any given night, any good college basketball team can beat another one, particularly in a tournament situation."
Author: Brady Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We?re showing signs of playing our best basketball as we?re approaching March. That?s where you want to be at."
Author: Barnes Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Nick was a guy that was an extremely good basketball player and athlete. Teams worked hard to shut Nick down. He's lightning quick and very smart."
Author: Welk Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Elton has always played consistently, but now we're winning basketball games and people are finally taking notice."
Author: Cassell Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"People go through those things in regular life and basketball. I'm not the first person who's had a span of games where they didn't play particularly well. ... It's just my turn to go through it. It's the first time in my seven-year career that I played probably four or five games that weren't really, really good consistently."
Author: Francis Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"I think our fans will rally with this group. There's one thing with this basketball team: They've fought and they've dug and they've been a pretty good example for people."
Author: Brey Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"He can dunk the basketball. You have to be a little creative out there. I think he'll do fine."
Author: Cheeks Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"It was ugly basketball at it's best. We won the game on the free throw line."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"I was extremely happy with the guys tonight. That is a really good basketball team to hold to just 30 points. Every goal that we had coming into tonight we were able to meet."
Author: Melton Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"In basketball, there are always runs and streaks. A team is going to play harder in the fourth when they are down. I know I would want my team to do that. Luckily, we've been able to sustain our leads and come out with the win."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Our defensive intensity was spectacular around the perimeter. We're in the elite eight now and we're playing some good basketball against some good teams."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"It's different, but he played college ball at Maryland in the ACC so he's very familiar with American basketball and he knows the NBA game because he studied it a lot and he's played against a lot of the players. The learning curve for him as a 29-year-old shouldn't be that great."
"It's the greatest sound in college basketball. The crowd makes this noise, like ' oh no ' when a guy who's hot gets the ball and has an open look. Even before he shoots, before he makes it, the crowd reacts. It's so cool, and it's a testament to how smart these fans are. And it's fun for the shooters, too."
Author: Pearl Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"At times, we played our best basketball of the year against them. Our kids came out of that game understanding we can compete with those teams."
Author: Given Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"It was a good win for us. Vanderbilt is a very good basketball team. Vanderbilt is a very difficult team to play against. The biggest thing is that our basketball team is still learning. Vanderbilt did some things to us at first where we had to settle in and we picked it up, certainly in the second half, but the first 10 minutes were tough."
Author: Donovan Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Glen Davis is to college basketball and to this league what Shaquille O'Neal is to the NBA. There's nobody quite like him."
Author: Donovan Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We are playing pretty good basketball and this tournament will show how good we have become."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We're thrilled to be able to celebrate our boys basketball centennial by directly involving the fans, who have supported our tournament in great numbers throughout the years is a fun was to get folks interested in our rich history and set the table for a terrific celebration in 2007."
Author: Hickman Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"That team knows how to shoot the basketball. I've been doing this a long time and never saw a team shoot like that before, especially from the perimeter. They were phenomenal."
Author: Stanley Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"You should approach a basketball game the same way every day. It doesn't matter who you play, if it's the Indiana Pacers or a third grade team."
Author: Gearlds Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes

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