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"I guess maybe we needed another lap, or maybe I would have crashed trying. I raced Greg hard and I raced him clean and vice versa and he was in front when it was over."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"We've been trying to stay out of bankruptcy for three years now."
Author: McClain Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"We're trying to make sure everybody has someplace to go when they get here. The buses don't get new destinations until they leave the property."
Author: Noble Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"A lot of this game will be trying to make adjustments as quickly as possible after we find out some of the goodies they've got ready for us."
Author: Richt Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"It was fast last year because I was still trying to learn the plays. This year, it's slower because I'm a vet now. I was here every day of the summer. I didn't miss a day. And I got faster. (Now), I'm just learning from two good backs."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"I haven't played a lot of matches, so I'm just trying to get used to the conditions, the stadium, the wind, playing under the lights for the first time in a while. When you're out for a little while, first match you're a little tentative. The injury, you don't know how it's going to be. So far it's OK."
Author: Sharapova Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"We're trying not to look too far ahead. Tomorrow is big game for us. We have to win that one before we look any further down the road."
Author: Hossa Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"That (whizzer toss) is something I picked up. I'm trying to learn new things."
Author: Bissett Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"His legs are one of his strong points. I was just trying to stay away from his legs as much as possible. He's just a great wrestler all the way around. Give him credit, he fought me off."
Author: Doherty Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"I was trying to get up and soar like Mike. But I'm not too tall, so it didn't work well."
Author: Kannenberg Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"I think it's bargain hunters looking at valuations and trying to sift through the rubble to pick up some values."
Author: Donahoe Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"This is a challenging issue, and there really is no silver bullet. I think we're all trying to attack this on a variety of fronts. It's a diverse population, and we're just trying to find solutions."
Author: Grealy Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"It leads me to believe it was a scam, that he was trying to take everything I had."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"I think it's going to implode. They're trying to do too much."
Author: Krikorian Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"Harris was trying to stand up for a teammate, as a good captain does. He's been a great leader for us, and we missed his presence on the field."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Trying Quotes

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