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254 Violence quotes:

"The violence betwen women is unbelievable. Women try to make each other crawl so that their knees are bleeding."
"will hasten the end of the acts of violence that have been perpetuated recently."
Author: Pachachi Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Gun violence victims in the state are very excited and grateful for his candidacy. We cannot imagine much that could be more positive for Illinois families than getting Dan, and others like him, into the Legislature."
Author: Bishop Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Violence is the repartee of the illiterate."
"The increased number of domestic violence cases coming in through the LBH-APIK shows that women are becoming more aware that domestic violence is a crime and no longer something shameful to be hidden away."
Author: Munti Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"level of violence and the insurgency to continue."
Author: Rumsfeld Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"It's general policy to pursue domestic violence, whether or not the victim wants to prosecute."
Author: Ishoy Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"The figures do not take into account that there has been no significant violence in northern Uganda since 2003."
"Just as citizens, ... we feel badly about the fact that there's been a rash of violence. . . . Clearly, that was not our intent in publishing what we thought was a solid news item."
Author: Whitaker Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"I don't believe this is going to cause any more violence in the inner city,"
Author: Elder Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"While undercover officers may be used to infiltrate an organization plotting violence, neither undercover nor plainclothes officers are used to interfere with free speech or other activities protected by the First Amendment."
Author: Browne Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Social services have always been difficult to run, especially when you're new. Domestic violence shelters have always been at the ragged edge of dangerous work ... and people are afraid of shelters."
Author: Healy Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"We discussed how it is necessary for all sides to move away from violence and incitement and how it is necessary to lift the siege as soon as possible so that economic activity can begin again in the region. The challenge is how to get the process started,"
Author: Powell Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Unless the commitments necessary to end the violence are carried out in a way that is sustainable and mutually reinforcing, it will be difficult for the parties to change the realities on the ground,"
Author: Albright Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"We have agreed with Prime Minister Sharon to cease all violence against the Israelis and against the Palestinians, wherever they are,"
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"All of these things, especially in a depressed person, contribute to suicidality and violence,"
Author: Breggin Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"The department believes that the release of all of these images will further inflame and cause unnecessary violence in the world."
Author: Whitman Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Obviously when you have an increase in violence in a certain area, we take it seriously, ... That part of the city's not really known for that type of crime, so we want to prevent (more incidents of that nature) from happening in the future."
Author: Dominick Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"The violence has not worked. If anything at all, it has backfired."
Author: Sithole Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"In this context, we think the Palestinians have not done enough to fight terror and to end the violence."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Violence Quotes

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