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"When we see voting machine vendors spending almost a million and a half dollars to lobby in our state over the past few years, we have to wonder whether this spending impacted the Legislature's decision to avoid selecting a voting machine themselves by punting the question down to the State Board [of Elections] and localities."
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"Koizumi is being seen as more of a reformist, which plays well with the urban voting blocs, ... But regional factional support seems to be with Hashimoto, and also there's an issue with him on the fiscal reform and debt-restructuring front."
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"The consumer is voting that we like to rent this product,"
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"I have been voting for this guy as an all-star for three years. I am no closet fan. I am an out-there fan. I love the way he plays, and he is a guy you really fear."
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"Nasdaq is voting with their capital."
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"I don't know where Blalock is going to end up in the voting, but I really like him. (Curtis) Stinson made his name a little quicker, but (Blalock) impacts their team more than anybody."
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"The ballot is stronger than bullets."
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"We believe the most important issue we can address moving forward are the voting systems, ... We want to make sure that the will of every voter is self evident and we think that through the appropriate voting system that they will not only be able to feel comfortable with that, but that we can be assured."
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"The opposition are bad losers...Voting is supposed to be secret. Why do they think all the missing names are their supporters?"
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"I have reluctantly concluded that this nominee has not satisfied the high burden that would justify my voting for his confirmation based on the current record."
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"Further, the board is concerned that Comcast's multi-tier voting structure would put AT&T shareowners at a disadvantage in matters of corporate governance,"
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"I'm not terribly surprised about where we were picked. I think the voting spread shows that most coaches think that it will be a pretty tight race, with several teams having a shot at winning it all. We did get one first-place vote, so apparently one coach out there thinks we're dangerous. Part of the problem with a preseason poll in our conference is that due to the geographical spread of the schools, we don't get to see everyone, such as Oral Roberts or Centenary, prior to the conference season."
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"This year, if I'm voting, I'm voting for Colon."
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"I don't like it much. I have to have a large clothespin over my nose but I'm voting for it."
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"Do you know what we're voting on?"
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"It would take voting out of the all-conference picture. There would be a true conference champion."
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"We usually have four. The voting was so close, we went with all six."
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"We take nominations from the general public, and they go through a screening and voting, which has worked very well for the most part. But it's been a less-than-perfect system for long-dead inventors who don't have a constituency to push for them."
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"she only expected that the [impeachment] process would be strictly observed and that the voting would be free."
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"Madrid had a very good bid and was only two votes short of reaching the final round of voting."
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