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130 Voting quotes:

"They still have punch cards in the poorer sections of Florida, while there was electronic voting in the more wealthy areas,"
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"When I did my voting, it was very difficult. Normally I can get a better feel. But there were so many kids that had so many great seasons."
Author: Calhoun Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"I feel very strongly that once someone has paid the penalty for the felony they have committed, that their voting rights should be restored."
Author: Buchanan Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"PeopleSoft is doing everything it can to prevent its shareholders from voting, ... If PeopleSoft's Board is so convinced that the J.D. Edwards acquisition is a great deal, why won't it let their shareholders vote on it?"
Author: Ellison Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"My hope is that 10 years from now, after I've been across the street at work for a while, they'll all be glad they gave me that wonderful vote."
"Perhaps the fact that we have seen millions voting themselves into complete dependence on a tyrant has made our generation understand that to choose one's government is not necessarily to secure freedom"
Author: Hayek Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"The average man votes below himself; he votes with half a mind or a hundredth part of one. A man ought to vote with the whole of himself, as he worships or gets married. A man ought to vote with his head and heart, his soul and stomach, his eye for faces and his ear for music; also (when sufficiently provoked) with his hands and feet. If he has ever seen a fine sunset, the crimson color of it should creep into his vote. The question is not so much whether only a minority of the electorate votes. The point is that only a minority of the voter votes."
Author: Chesterton Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"There can no longer be anyone too poor to vote."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"''I'm so insane, I voted for Eisenhower.'' ''Oh yeah, well I'm so insane, I voted for Eisenhower TWICE!''"
Author: Kesey Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"The effort to calculate exactly what the voters want at each particular moment leaves out of account the fact that when they are troubled the thing the voters most want is to be told what to want."
Author: Lippmann Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"In times of stress and strain, people will vote."
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"No matter whom you vote for, the Government always gets in."
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"When he first ran for office, he appealed to the voters: ''I never stole anything in my life. All I ask is a chance.''"
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"It makes no difference whom you vote for -- the two parties are really one party representing four percent of the people."
Author: Vidal Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"Voting operations (in the countryside) are normal, with some exceptions."
Author: Mathurin Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"When a fellow tells me he's bipartisan, I know he's going to vote against me."
Author: Truman Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"America's story is one of expanding opportunity and suffrage, and one of our fundamental principles is that every eligible citizen is entitled to cast his or her vote and have that vote counted,"
Author: Brazile Quotes Category: Voting Quotes Citizens Quotes
"And that's what this bill is all about: assuring that each and every voter can have confidence in our elections and that when problems do arise, there can be a determination made about them -- what went wrong and how to correct it so that every vote is counted."
"Apparently there was some confusion at the time of the vote. It was so close that possibly a new vote would be deserved and possibly lead to a different result."
Author: Oswald Quotes Category: Voting Quotes Confusion Quotes
"Benson said in an interview after the vote. ''I think this law finally puts all parental notification on the same footing."
Author: Benson Quotes Category: Voting Quotes

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