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"This is a truly historic vote. Los Angeles is making a massive statement that we want to educate our children right. It makes up for 35 years of neglect."
Author: Romer Quotes Category: Voting Quotes Neglect Quotes
"Today's vote to raise the cigarette tax was a clear sign of support for our state's children, both for their health and their education. It's also a victory for tens of thousands of Texans of all ages who will quit smoking or never start because of the higher cigarette tax."
"Vote for us or for any other Arab party."
Author: Bishara Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"We are nearing three months on strike. We have a duty to send this to the membership for a vote. It's democracy at its finest. The strikers at Boeing have the final say on whether to keep striking or not."
"We have to take a vote, ... Im only one commissioner, but absolutely, it would be my desire to have it annually."
"We should have the hearings wrapped up in time to get a vote out of the full Senate in time for the (court's) October term."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Voting Quotes Senate Quotes
"What was positioned as a safe protest vote has now become a kind of kamikaze vote,"
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"While many polling stations around the country opened late -- and maintaining the secrecy of the vote was not always achieved -- polling procedures were generally followed by election officials."
Author: Bonino Quotes Category: Voting Quotes Secret Quotes
"[And Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont was a] loose cannon, ... He's always had a habit of bartering his vote on crucial legislation for his own pet projects."
"[Orton's] got my vote."
Author: Orton Quotes Category: Voting Quotes

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