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"He should put in all efforts to increase his wealth and grain. He should only speak well about others. The person who does all these things always remains untouched by misery and dwells in happiness and peace."
Author: Veda Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"The secret point of money and power in America is neither the things that money can buy nor power for power's sake... but absolute personal freedom, mobility, privacy. It is the instinct which drove America to the Pacific, all through the nineteenth century, the desire to be able to find a restaurant open in case you want a sandwich, to be a free agent, live by one's own rules."
Author: Didion Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"Maybe six blocks from where we live there is untold wealth. If your constituency is financially challenged, you're going to have to go elsewhere."
Author: Gallagher Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"We do a wealth of stuff (live), drawing from over the years,"
Author: Kaukonen Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"This is the law of prosperity. When apparent adversity comes, be not cast down by it, but make the best of it., and always look forward for better things, for conditions more prosperous."
"A penny is a lot of money, if you have not got a penny."
"biggest pent-up negative wealth effect you can see in the economic data going back to 1952."
Author: Hatzius Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"Housing prices have been an important source of keeping wealth and have dampened the effects of the weak stock market. If they turned down in value that could jeopardize recovery."
Author: Feinman Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"Wealth is but dung, useful only when spread"
Author: Proverbs Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"Worldly riches are like nuts; many a tooth is broke in cracking them, but never is the stomach filled with eating them."
Author: Nachman Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"A rich widow weeps with one eye and signals with the other."
Author: Proverbs Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"If a large amount of profits and wealth falls into the hands of multinationals, even with a large GDP, our national interests could still be compromised ... and our nation's economic security and sovereignty could be threatened."
Author: Deshui Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"Getting married and staying married is a wonderful way to increase your wealth - but the key is stay married."
Author: Zagorsky Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"The real answer to improving wealth in other provinces... is to pursue wealth-creating policies - especially in the largest province, Ontario,"
Author: Mintz Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"A well behaved and cultured scholar always possesses auspicious wealth i.e. earned from good means."
Author: Veda Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"Wealth is not in making money, but in making the man while he is making money."
Author: Wicker Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"The personal wealth that's coming is absolutely secondary to the stories that I hear about our users who have given themselves some financial independence as well by starting businesses, and all the lives we've touched positively."
Author: Omidyar Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"The financial wealth that has been created is unprecedented. Even if the stock market, for argument's sake, leveled off here, there's been so much wealth built up that we really can feel spending for some time."
Author: LaVorgna Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"Diligent accumulation of personal wealth is not inherently ungodly so long as it is complemented by equally diligent distribution of personal wealth."
Author: Bryant Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes
"The only wealth I have to give, is not material - and if you need much more than that, I'm not available"
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Wealth Quotes

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