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"When we did make it public that we were not letting anyone watch any longer, the Filipino fans stopped coming. They respected the decision and knew it was for Manny's benefit. They helped us out and we respect that."
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"In other words, 81 milligrams a day gives as much benefit as higher doses with potentially less risk of bleeding."
"I think it's off to a slow start. And there's a lot in 2006 they have to do to explain this benefit better and to help make the choices more realistic."
"As a state, we have to engage the global marketplace. There is no alternative, no choice but to go out and win. The antagonists to this position see it as either/or -- either you invest in China or invest in Michigan. Most businesses do both. If your sales increase in any part of the world, the folks back home benefit."
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"Ultimately, it still boils down to execution. Our guys have to get open, the quarterback has to find them, and the linemen have to give them the benefit of protection. We'll have to hope they don't hit us with the stuff that we haven't seen already because that element of surprise can sometimes create a sack for the other team."
"For somebody starting out in the game to play and train alongside somebody like Jonah can be only a benefit to him,"
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"The net effect of this plan will be to enhance the viability of Maryland Thoroughbred racing for the immediate future to the benefit of all stakeholders. This is truly a situation where less will be more."
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"It's truly a benefit to them and no detriment to us. From our standpoint as commissioners, it's nice to be able to help a well-respected medical institution invest back into the community."
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"I offer my time and energy to assist in crafting a strategy, provide data, or assist in any way you might deem to be of benefit."
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"You want to position your city and yourself as someone who can solve problems, ... Politically, he had no choice. If you see a benefit, you go for broke. He has to make certain it goes well."
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"We thought it probably would be a glance for us, but as it turned out it was even lighter. It stayed offshore, to our benefit."
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"great news. A half-million dollars toward a problem weve been struggling with for so long is a great benefit to out city, especially around the old Wehadkee site and in Knoxville."
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"Time has already been lost, and further delays in signing this agreement can only work to the benefit of (Yugoslav President) Slobodan Milosevic, whose aggressive policies threaten the entire region."
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"I think the issue here is that you want the labeling to reflect the most current science. But at the same time you wouldn't want to change it to overplay the benefit of a single study and downplay the body of all other research."
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"Talks with the United States have no benefit for us and are harmful to us,"
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"You have an earnings penalty and a cash benefit, neither of which is overwhelming."
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"the real take-home-pay replacement rate that workers receive is already below 40 percent. ... Benefit reductions in a system that's already parsimonious is not desirable."
"It's going to be a major benefit to Gloucester County. It will attract businesses and entrepreneurs."
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