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"The University of Michigan is committed to being on the cutting edge of providing our applicants with the best college planning and application process that we can possibly offer. With the Connect! platform linked to our high school partners, we have the capability to effectively guide students, provide a meaningful benefit to high school guidance counselors and demonstrate a more efficient application process for all involved."
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"great news. A half-million dollars toward a problem weve been struggling with for so long is a great benefit to out city, especially around the old Wehadkee site and in Knoxville."
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"There wasn't really that much of a benefit to doing the fall work. Not doing it will help us reduce our fuel use. And we'll also save on labor and on machinery wear and tear."
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"Having a Club Manager with such diverse experience at the executive level will be of great benefit to the club. We are excited and are looking forward to Oscar bringing the Club to the next level."
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"They actually were harmed. This was a trial to determine the boundaries of benefit, and it did. You don't use this drug for patients without coronary artery disease."
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"We are actually hoping that the special session will work to educators' benefit in that something positive needs to happen in order for (Perry's) re-election to occur."
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"Micron's earnings per share did benefit by 5 cents from a one-time refinancing of a joint venture arrangement. Even excluding this one-time gain, results were outstanding. Sales were $1.79 billion, compared with sales of $864 million a year ago."
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"There was an immediate benefit to virtualization, ... We went from 12 servers in two data centers to two servers in one data center and no performance hit."
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"If engineering companies related to the students on Centennial Campus are here, it is a benefit for students,"
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"So let's say you realize that you are never going to be a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. person. You're not cut out for that sort of typical work environment. The benefit might be that if you embrace that and say I need to be self-employed or I need to be doing more project-oriented work. Identify the benefits -- I'd be more productive. I'd be happier. The people around me would be happier because my mood would be better. When you identify the benefits of accepting the behavior or habit, you actually give leverage to it and give yourself a better chance of sticking with it."
"We're not going to say no to something like that. It's a benefit to the city."
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"Corn growers are very pleased with the decision. We have worked long and hard to regain this important market for corn products. This was a huge market loss for the corn industry - more than $4 billion. Fair and balanced market access is a benefit to all sides involved. Without the tax, U.S.-produced HFCS can now compete on a more level playing field."
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"Time has already been lost, and further delays in signing this agreement can only work to the benefit of (Yugoslav President) Slobodan Milosevic, whose aggressive policies threaten the entire region."
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"The other benefit is I think it underscores our blended approach to the business model. Because it is based on Eclipse, it strengthens our open source presence."
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"This is a very compressed time frame. The designers are designing without the benefit of the traffic analysis."
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"I think the issue here is that you want the labeling to reflect the most current science. But at the same time you wouldn't want to change it to overplay the benefit of a single study and downplay the body of all other research."
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"We realized that the Japanese who came to Wimbledon were very interested in the history of the British championships but were not getting the full benefit of the place."
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"That half-a-billion dollars didn't benefit one child in this state. He has got to show us a business plan that shows this is going to work."
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"Talks with the United States have no benefit for us and are harmful to us,"
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"You have an earnings penalty and a cash benefit, neither of which is overwhelming."
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