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"Try not to patronize us next time, traveling us to New York, saying we're playing a home game."
Author: Brooks Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Coastal wind power has come to the United States and found a home in Texas."
Author: Patterson Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"There can't be any more riding on a (home-and-away) game than what's on the end of this one. We encourage all our supporters to get along to help us get over the line."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"I'd love to have a rule where if you play on Monday night, you have to play at home the following Sunday. It's tough to operate on a short work week like that."
Author: Gibbs Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"He hit a home run off Paul Byrd to right-center field when we were playing against him. It's the farthest opposite-field home run I've ever seen a right-handed hitter hit at Safeco Field. It probably went 15 rows back. He did the bat flip and the whole thing. I got to second base later and he told me that was the first hit he ever had off Byrd."
Author: Ibanez Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"This is the type of home game that really gives you a boost. We've made a huge climb. Now that's we're over (.500), we have to stay over it."
Author: Adelman Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"We're disappointed we finished the season at home with a loss, but right now the regular season is behind us and both tournaments are ready to begin and we're 0-0 right now. We're not done yet, but it's time to get moving."
Author: Krauser Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"I was really excited. This is close to my home town in Hamilton. I grew up with Hockey Night in Canada sitting at home watching it. This was one of the biggest games of my life."
Author: Emery Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Try not to patronize us next time, ... and fly us out to New York and say it's a home game."
Author: Brooks Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"The idea of bringing that title home for Florida State is amazing."
Author: Topper Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"I am so psyched because we are on the verge of arriving at Home Plate very, very soon we may arrive by week?s end if all goes well."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Cal Poly is a feisty team. We have always had intense battles with them and the home team has come away victorious the last four years. Their team is pretty well experienced and deep. John Nguyen has had a solid year with impressive wins at the top position."
Author: Husack Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"This is two undefeated teams from the AFC South playing already, and this is a home game, ... So there is a lot riding on this one. A Week 2 game could be the most important game of the season."
Author: Manning Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"It's another responsibility of parenting that now falls on teachers. If parents would start doing their job at home, we wouldn't have this problem."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Traveling out here was uncalled for. Try not to patronize us next time and tell us it's a home game. But those were the circumstances and we lost."
Author: Brooks Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"There could be no better time or place for this Welcome Home party than in Las Vegas during our 2005 Centennial celebration, ... Las Vegas is proud of our servicemen and women and equally proud of our veterans. We anticipate a 2005 Veterans Day parade and air show that will go down in the history books."
Author: Goodman Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Somebody once asked me if I ever went up to the plate trying to hit a home run. I said, 'Sure, every time.'"
"I'm trying to fill my basic obligations to my wife who needs to know that I'm at home, I'm in bed, I haven't had too much to drink and that, primarily important, I'm alone,"
Author: Crowe Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"The home of the U.S. Open is the largest public tennis facility in the world and operates almost year-round. It has 45 courts, including a great indoor setup, and all of the famed outdoor courts where the current greats of the game do battle. The center runs a number of programs for players of all ages and playing levels — it's great to drop in and pick up a game."
Author: King Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"This is where we grew up, so it'd take a lot to make us want to leave home."
Author: Kravitz Quotes Category: Home Quotes

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