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"I felt something like a punch and then heat. I touched myself and saw the blood."
Author: Jimenez Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"You walk off the plane in Rio, and your blood temperature goes up. The feel of the wind on your face, the water on your skin, the taste of the food, the music, the sexuality; Brazilians are very comfortable in their sexuality."
Author: Irving Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"He did tell me that 'In Cold Blood' scraped him down to the marrow of his bones. That's how he phrased it. He achieved fame, money, everything a writer ever, ever wants in the world, and it ruined his life."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"It's in the blood, it's in the soil here,"
Author: Geiger Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"Family companies tend to be intuitive and instinctive. The business and the culture is in their blood, which means they don't have to spend a lot of time with analysis, poring through reports or making decisions."
Author: Rottenberg Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"I've been involved with blood donation since the 1980s because there is a critical need."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"When you stop compressions, blood flow stops."
Author: Hazinski Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"We did draw blood from the driver and that is to see if there's anything in his system that would cause him to be impaired."
Author: Bitsis Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"You couldn't put the gun in his hand. There was no [gun shot residue], no blood on the clothing there was nothing."
Author: Nicholson Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"Be near me when my light is low,/ When the blood creeps, and the nerves prick/ And tingle; and the heart is sick,/ And all the wheels of Being slow."
"We held hands and it took about an hour and a half for his blood to enter my system. His blood cells that carry the immune system found their way into my body."
Author: Hearn Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"We knew this game was going to be tough. We knew it would be a blood-and-guts game ? that's how both teams played tonight."
Author: Nudo Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"It also is important to note that blood pressure reductions occurred in patients even though they remained obese with (a body mass index) in the 35 range, which is still not ideal, further suggesting that weight loss itself -- in this study, achieved through gastric bypass surgery -- can improve health outcomes."
Author: Fernstrom Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"It has to be regulated. It's not in the pre-hospital realm to carry blood."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"One lesson I've learned (in this production) is that the real gospel message of the cross, the blood and the resurrection is as powerful as it ever was, but the way it is presented from one generation to the next is vitally different. This being a sight and sound generation, we have to go more toward the dramatic and tech approach to get their interest."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"I do wear lipstick because when I suddenly get pale or green, it seems whole blood goes away."
Author: Kinski Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"When you stop compressions, blood flow stops. You have to make up for that lost ground. We think that the fewer the interruptions, the better for blood flow."
Author: Hazinski Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"This is a great feeling to win your own tournament. We put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to put this thing on."
Author: Manzo Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"If he's suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage, it means a blood vessel in his brain has burst and the situation is really critical."
Author: Siller Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"He had a laceration of the face to his eye. Blood was coming from his mouth."
Author: Mendes Quotes Category: Blood Quotes

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