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"The boys did extremely well over there, they've given us a good opportunity to get through to a semi again."
Author: Hewitt Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"As Norm Smith says: 'you'll win the game by controlling the midfield' and that's what our boys did today. Our biggest emphasis was putting our body on the line and controlling the ball across the centre Ð that's how we won."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Boys frustrate me. I hate all their indirect messages, I hate game playing. Do you like me or don't you? Just tell me so I can get over you."
"To get a hold on boys you must be their friend."
Author: Baden-Powell Quotes Category: Boys Quotes English Soldier Quotes
"We use the outdoor elements to attract the boys to scouting, and when they attend weekly meetings and do community service projects, they don't realize they're learning."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"This is probably the tightest pack we have ever had for either the boys or girls. What we have this year is a team. We're not dependent on one runner to pull us through."
Author: Padilla Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"I am proud of our boys. Even though we didn't play the smoothest, we always play hard and we played through it."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Times were a little faster this year, however, so I wasn't too disappointed that the boys didn't take all of the top five spots. We ran a very patient race... it was really more of a warm-up for us."
Author: Topper Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"The boys actually got a bit more talkative between the second and third. It was pretty quiet at the start and then the guys started saying, 'We've got to do this,' and, 'We've got to start playing with a bit more desperation.' It was exciting to see it because we talked about it and we actually went out and did it."
Author: Emery Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"This was a fantastic race by the boys team. All the boys had excellent races. They were determined to run well on our home course and we ended up with a convincing victory."
Author: Beckman Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"The boys ran very well today. We're still working on our compression for our one through five runners."
Author: Corcoran Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"I don't think our boys as a group ran quite as well as they did the first meet. We were more spread out."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"I know I speak for the boys that we don't want to see him go."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"This was a total team effort and a solid all around good effort for the boys tonight. We played well offensively and defensively."
Author: Heiser Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Some of the boys are very tired and it is showing."
Author: Littbarski Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"I thought the boys were magnificent, ... They come to compete, they come to play from the first whistle. . . . We're a good league, a strong league with a lot of good players."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"I'm very pleased. My boys worked hard, and even though they got down 1-0 early, they worked very hard to come back and get the win."
Author: Greene Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"One of the big boys. Ridge or J.C., one of them will guard him."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"The boys are exceptional. Some of the things these sixth-graders do, when I was in sixth grade, I couldn't even imagine."
Author: Stephens Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"They've got some big boys that are very good. They were sending two or three guys at me, which was getting frustrating, so I knew I had to get offensive rebounds. The few times I was open for a split second, my teammates did a great job of getting me the ball."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Boys Quotes

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