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Architecture Quotes

216 Architecture quotes:

"I see architecture not as Gropius did, as a moral venture, as truth, but as invention, in the same way that poetry or music or painting is invention."
"It's the only real pure American style of architecture."
"I did three and a half years in the architecture school with no real love or feel for it. After quite a while I realized I don't like to pick up a pen and freely sketch and let my imagination run towards structures. And if I don't have that natural desire, what am I doing here? How did I let this illusion go on so long?"
"Brad is definitely into architecture, and we would love him to do a building or two buildings there."
"Revived in this country the long forgotten beauties of Gothic architecture."
Author: Wyatt Quotes Category: Architecture Quotes English Architect Quotes
"Architects, painters, and sculptors must recognize anew and learn to grasp the composite character of a building both as an entity and in its separate parts. Only then will their work be imbued with the architectonic spirit which it has lost as ''salon art.'' Together let us desire, conceive, and create the new structure of the future, which will embrace architecture and sculpture and painting in one unity and which will one day rise toward heaven from the hands of a million workers like the crystal symbol of a new faith."
"Modern architecture does not mean the use of immature new materials; the main thing is to refine materials in a more human direction."
Author: Aalto Quotes Category: Architecture Quotes
"Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins."
"James is studying architecture now, but neither Paul nor I would be surprised if he moves into music, as he has such a passion for playing."
"I think Ms. Monroe's architecture is extremely good architecture."
Author: Lloyd Quotes Category: Architecture Quotes
"All fine architectural values are human vales, else not valuable."
"Don't fight forces, use them."
"Believe me, that was a happy age, before the days of architects, before the days of builders."
"We're pretty confident that developers are going to support our architecture. I say that because we've had a lot of overwhelming support and excitement."
"I take a lot from everywhere. I take from music, architecture, novels, and plays. Anywhere that hits you."
"Harrow the house of the dead; look shining at / New styles of architecture, a change of heart."
Author: Auden Quotes Category: Architecture Quotes
"The building is a special place because of its architecture, ... But it's people who make it special by participating in it."
"Now that we are building a new European security architecture together, the interaction between Russia and the EU is especially appropriate."
Author: Putin Quotes Category: Architecture Quotes
"AMD will face tougher competition once Intel moves to the new architecture. But it's far too soon to be able to predict who's going to be ahead 18 months from now."
"The most beautiful bridge in the world. so pure, so resolute, so regular that here, finally, steel architecture seems to laugh."

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