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Caution Quotes

173 Caution quotes:

"In the '90s we had irrational exuberance. Now we have excessive caution. And that's the biggest headwind this economy is facing, ... The lack of strong employment growth is one more reason for businesses to be cautious and can be a self-fulfilling prophesy."
Author: Vitner Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"Use caution. This is still a very dangerous situation."
Author: Fugate Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"We're going to err on the side of caution. We have no time frame for his return."
Author: Mann Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"significant reasons for continued caution."
Author: Platt Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"[So it was understandable that Wildcats coach Jay Wright expressed much caution in the wake of Fraser's return to practice on Monday. It was his first workout since Oct. 22, when he had his left knee scoped after experiencing swelling following Villanova's second practice.] He looked real strong, ... Now we have to be concerned with how his knee responds after every practice. We're going to take it very, very slow."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"They've got to start erring on the side of caution, ... They've not been doing that."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"I think we've gone over and beyond the line of caution on our part. I think Chris certainly feels that way."
Author: Showalter Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"Consumers are always concerned about the economy but the key is whether they are predisposed to increasing caution when it comes to spending. I think today's report demonstrates that the hurricanes had an ambiguous affect on spending."
Author: Englund Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"Be extra caution in dealing with anyone who comes to your door asking for work, money or even information."
Author: Russo Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"I'm pretty happy with it. Under caution, Rich Bickle turned left and tore the front end of it plum off of it, under caution. ... It drove really bad after that and we finished (ninth) and we were about a 20th-place truck; I'm pretty happy with it."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"We didn't need that last caution because Dale Jr. and the No. 97 (Kurt Busch) were sitting ducks. But that's the way it goes and you take what you can get."
Author: Nemechek Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"This is indicative of how quickly CEO caution can put the foot on the brake,"
Author: Chambers Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"Of all the thirty-six alternatives, running away is best."
"There is probably a little bit of caution - we could see some profit taking - these prices look pretty heady."
Author: Pervan Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"However, given that the volume yesterday was almost at the lowest level of the year, caution prevails. I can promise a decent opening but it's still a bell to bell story."
Author: Wachtel Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"As we roll into the earnings reporting season, you're getting a little bit of caution."
Author: Awad Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"We were going backwards until that caution came out (on Lap 240). Ryan (Pemberton, crew chief) made a great call to free up the car."
Author: Nemechek Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"It is why we repeatedly caution that no option is off the table."
Author: Bolton Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"Always count the cost."
"There's a general sense of weakness and caution and I'll tell you, the headlines in the newspapers these days do not help. We're seeing more layoffs and consumers are beginning to feel there's a cold winter breeze suddenly blowing their way."
Author: Barnard Quotes Category: Caution Quotes

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