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"Given the last 22 months, given today's circumstances of crumbling sanctions, given the fact that he is back in the arms business, Mister Chairman, it follows as the night follows the day for me to say what I am saying: These sanctions are not working."
"Given the right circumstances, people who are always late can be on time."
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"Given the time and circumstances, nothing under the sun shall stop this country from becoming a super power.Being grateful has limitations, no man can be grateful at the cost of his dignity, no woman at the cost of her chastity and no country at the cost of its freedom.I hope that Mr. Gandhi will not drive me to the necessity of making a choice between his life and rights of my people, for I shall never consent to deliver my people bound hand and foot to the orthodox for generations to come."
"Given the very unique circumstances of the situation, I believe their request is a reasonable one and would have no adverse effect on any other club. Therefore, I have determined that the game will not be played."
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"Graeme Smith and Shaun Pollock have been given an enviable number of options to cover all match circumstances."
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"He could start construction, but no one starts under those circumstances. The remedy of the law is you tear down the building if the variances were not granted correctly."
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"He doesn't instinctively know what he should do in these circumstances."
"He gives us a tremendous amount of exposure in winning circumstances."
"He is a fugitive. It's unclear under what circumstances he was released. We know he is not in custody."
"He is happy whose circumstances suit his temper but he is more excellent who can suit his temper to any circumstances"
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"He made a very good pitch to Linden. In other circumstances, it's a bat that's broken in half and a soft single to right field, but as a result of the sacrifice bunt that followed a walk, it was a game-winning hit."
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"He said, he wanted to cooperate with the US government only under the circumstances that he would testify against himself at his trial."
"He tried the best that he could, under the circumstances."
"He's being as forceful as he can be, given the circumstances."
"He's doing a good job. I'm proud of him. He's stepped in under difficult circumstances, and he's doing everything he can. We have got to do more things as a team to help him out a little more."
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"He's just matured; there's no substitute for experience. He's dealt with it extremely well and has bounced back from adverse circumstances. He's the leader of this team."
"His resolution toward his circumstances was very strong from the outset. His accountability for it was very strong. He was very forthright."
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"His stock has risen considerably, and given the circumstances in our entire pool, Kerry is going to be in there right until the end when we're looking to finalize our roster."
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"History shows the poison pill under normal circumstances doesn't benefit shareholders. If the corporation wants a poison pill, it's the shareholders' prerogative to decide that. Not the board of directors."
"How much you charge them will differ depending on the child and their circumstances. You should sit down with them and look at their cash flow."
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