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"The city of New York must maintain a world-class police force that provides protection against illegal activities, including civil rights violations by its own officers, for all of its diverse populations,"
"What a sophomore class they have. For the next two years, they're going to be a force in this league."
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"I want to be a state finalist at 140. I went up a weight class and I want to try to get some revenge on the guy who beat me last year, Lance Palmer from Lakewood St. Edward. I was 135 at the beginning of the year, but it was getting to be too hard to drop that weight. Since I've been at 140 I haven't lost yet. All three of my losses were at 135."
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"This is clearly the toughest weight class in the WPIAL tournament. There are eight guys who can go with anybody in the WPIAL. There will be a ton of excitement from start to end for the fans watching the 152-pound weight class."
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"There's been an extraordinary expansion of the black middle class and a shift in the locus of leadership. A more diversified black community doesn't find it necessary to have one voice."
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"He's a strong kid. He's probably one of the strongest in his weight class. He can get off his back better than anyone we've ever had here."
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"The budget was the best we could do. It was at cap. We had put back in lower class sizes, and we had added personnel back in. I don't know what the Township Council will ask for, but I'm very disappointed."
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"Their leadership will be critical this year with having graduated such a big class last year. We brought in 11 rookies, so these kids will have to figure out how to play college lacrosse and learn what is expected of them as a college athlete. The seniors are tremendously important to us having success."
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"He really did deserve to go to state, but our region was so stacked in that weight class."
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"The cause of freedom is not the cause of a race or a sect, a party or a class-it is the cause of human kind, the very birthright of humanity."
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"We addressed the class sizes, which was a big concern of parents, and we brought special education students back into the district to be with their peers, which was also a big concern of parents."
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"(The play) was kind of a joke on the middle class and a joke on foreigners."
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"When Robert turns on his A game, he's as good as anyone in the world. It's a class field, but he's right up there with the best."
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"Last year our recruiting class ranked 27th nationally, and this year we looked to continue the tradition. We have a strong group coming in for the 2006 season, and they will have the opportunity to compete and help bolster our lineup."
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"That was a tough weight class year. I think this year he will be right there in the mix again."
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"I struggled with physics class in 10th grade. After that, the dream pretty much went down the toilet."
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"Expect a barn-burner. Every weight class will be important and there is more parity in this tournament than I've seen in my nine years of coaching."
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"It's nice to be going (to state) with those guys. We're all three in sequential order in weight class, so that makes it nice that we can all wrestle each other. Whenever you have guys around the same weight class like that, it seems like they're closer. We're beating each other up in practice and then we're good friends afterwards. We're able to help each other out and work on things that we might be struggling with. It's nice to have guys you're close with going down there with you."
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"Class is an aura of confidence that is being sure without being cocky. Class has nothing to do with money. Class never runs scared. It is self-discipline and self-knowledge. It's the sure footedness that comes with having proved you can meet life."
"If I am not going to stay in the same weight class, will he (Hatton) be interested in coming up?"
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