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Clothes Quotes

236 Clothes quotes:

"Throw off your worries when you throw off your clothes at night."
"The school looks very good. The uniforms are a good thing. It will be easy for my wife. She won't have to fight about clothes."
Author: Franklin Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"Modesty died when clothes were born."
Author: Twain Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"It is an interesting question how far men would retain their relative rank if they were divested of their clothes."
Author: Thoreau Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"I never leaf through a copy of National Geographic without realizing how lucky we are to live in a society where it is traditional to wear clothes."
"Modesty antedates clothes and will be resumed when clothes are no more. Modesty died when clothes were born. Modesty died when false modesty was born."
Author: Twain Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"The waves most washed me off the raft sometimes, but I hadn't any clothes on, and didn't mind."
Author: Twain Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"The right honourable gentleman [Sir Robert Peel] caught the Whigs bathing and walked away with their clothes."
Author: Disraeli Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"Patience serves as a protection against wrongs as clothes do against cold. For if you put on more clothes as the cold increases, it will have no power to hurt you. So in like manner you must grow in patience when you meet with great wrongs, and they"
Author: Vinci Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"Now as at all times I can see in the mind's eye, In their stiff, painted clothes, the pale unsatisfied ones Appear and disappear in the blue depth of the sky With all their ancient faces like rain-beaten stones, And all their helms of silver hovering"
Author: Yeats Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes."
Author: Thoreau Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"Beware of all enterprises that require a new set of clothes."
"She wears her clothes as if they are thrown on with a pitchfork"
Author: Swift Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes."
"When one studies strongly radioactive substances special precautions must be taken. Dust, the air of the room, and one's clothes, all become radioactive."
Author: Curie Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"The Italians are fond of red clothes, peacock plumes, and embroidery; and I remember one rainy morning in the city of Palermo, the street was ablaze with scarlet umbrellas"
Author: Emerson Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"Mother, may I go out to swim? Yes, my darling daughter: Hang your clothes on a hickory limb - But don't go near the water"
Author: Proverb Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"If all your clothes are worn to the same state, it means you go out too much."
Author: Fitzgerald Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"Giving kids clothes and food is one thing but it's much more important to teach them that other people besides themselves are important, and that the best thing they can do with their lives is to use them in the service of other people."
Author: Huerta Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"You can present yourself as an exotic muse the West wants but that's not going to sell clothes."
Author: Levin Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes

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