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"Sometimes my pitching coach (Gary Hines) and myself are on different pages. He was a pitcher, so he likes to let them work through a few more things than I probably do. She threw really well, especially after giving up some early runs."
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"I just read a couple of [Raptors coach] Sam Mitchell quotes that sounded like he was going to be there."
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"He says we have to be like husband and wife. I'm the coach on the floor; he's the coach off the floor. We have to communicate all time. He listens to my ideas and if they're working, we'll go with it."
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"You have to stand up and be heard. You have to make a coach see you."
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"The only question was, [with] a new coach coming in, some new players coming in, you just didn't know how it was all going to mesh together. But you could see from that first day of training that the guys really got along with each other and they like each other and they've always supported each other no matter what."
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"That would be unfair to Steve. But if I wanted an open line, isn't that my prerogative as head coach? This is all so bizarre."
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"I won't be coaching at the Hunters next year, and I won't coach in the NBL again."
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"I've always been the coach on the team; all my teams, ... Point guard, quarterback ... regardless I was a player-coach."
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"I've told him that I want him back. I think he's a great coach, and he's good with the guys. So I told him if he wants to talk, he can talk to me. But I'm not going to talk to an agent. If he has an agent involved, he has to talk to (General Manager) Jeff Bower, not me."
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"Coach hasn't talked about it at all. But I think I've seen the shot."
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"It's something that we met with Coach about ... putting the game on our shoulders. We just want to know that we determined the outcome and I'm really happy that Ann made those shots, because it's just further proof that we're still trying to embrace this team and put it on our back and lead us to victory."
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"All he tells me is to listen to what coach Hart says and if I have any nagging injury then I shouldn't try and run it off."
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"He was hired to be the GM and would never coach the team. We are excited to have Marv as our general manager."
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"Our coaches have done a great job using what we have, and we have some speed on the outside, ... Coach Paterno said we were going to put the best players on the field. I've become a lot more comfortable under center, and the more games we play, the more comfortable I feel."
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"I think coach knows I can make plays. He wanted to get me over the hump with plays like that because we play of lot of games where we're in that situation."
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"Coach is sort of like a senior, too. He's one-and-done. We've got a lot to fight for."
"I think it's a credit to the players themselves. And I think (coach) Scott Gordon does a terrific job with the team in Providence. We play similar ways, so from a tactical standpoint there's not a lot of difference. I think all of those things kind of make the transition a little more seamless."
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"but it is so much harder now. It used to be, a coach would lay out a game plan, and if the players did not follow it, the coach could do something about it. Now, what do you do? You can't fine anyone because the players make so much money. A fine means nothing. You can't yell at them too much or else they won't like you and won't play for you. Then, they're demanding a trade or you're getting fired. Players control things a lot more now."
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"The past two days, George (coach George Karl ) has been stressing that if the playoffs were today, this is who we'd play. We wanted to make a statement right away and tell them this is what they'll see if they play us."
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"I know what type of coach he is, and I know his resume. I think they can put together schemes very well, they can motivate, they can do all the things that great coaches do."
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