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"I though he was a good player. His JC (junior college) coach was going 'Hey I got a quarterback' and I said 'yeah I know, but we don't need a JC guy.' It's good he landed on his feet."
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"Coach (Davis) just tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'It's your game, take over,' and I went out and did it. I really felt good out there."
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"Coach [John Fox] let me know that Stephen was down and it was going to be on my shoulders, me and Rod [Smart]. We just wanted to answer the call and keep on going ... I always knew in the back of my mind I was going to be all right. But it was tough, just coming off it. You've just got to stay positive and go from there."
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"We're going to pursue a head coach, we're going to do a thorough search. Obviously I'd like to get it done as soon as possible. We want to make the right decision. We will make the right decision."
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"I told Coach that my mom and them were here. They got here late. I saw them come in and I had to do a little something for them."
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"I think T.O. likes somebody to hold his hand. It might have taken nothing more than for [Eagles Coach] Andy Reid and [team president] Joe Banner to go hold his hand. The Eagles could have called everybody in, sat T.O. down and told him, 'T.O., we will never forget what you did for us last year, especially putting your career on the line like that to play in the Super Bowl coming back from such a severe injury.' And for that matter, they could have worked out a little deal the rest of us would never have known about. But the Eagles were immutable on the matter . . . totally intractable."
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"He obviously has a track record. He's been successful as a head coach, and that's important. A lot of coaches are good at recruiting. He brings a blend of coaching and recruiting, and that's vital to what we've been trying to achieve. And he brings a great deal of passion and drive to what he does."
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"Coach B is never going to put you down. Even when she?s yelling at you she?s going to be picking you up. We definitely feed off her emotions. She loves coaching and we love playing for her."
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"Rosie was a great Giant, ... He was with this organization for more than 50 years as a player, coach and scout. He excelled in every area and he was always a gentleman."
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"[Pitching coach] Randy St. Claire and I both think that we would like to start him off in Potomac, have a little success and then we'll move him. Based on the surgery that he had, we are going to bring him along slowly. If he plays well, then we'll move him as soon as his pitching says we should move him."
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"It was back and forth the whole game. I can't say one team played better. (Coach) Jim (Spencer) does a great job with the Lake-Lehman team. He has them playing very, very well."
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"I can't compliment (diving coach) Carolyn Peterson enough with what she's done with our divers. She's really been working with our divers and it showed today."
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"In the last month, there has been a lot of that sentiment, but when you are a coach or a player you never think of those things."
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"If you're a coach from another section and you read that, you've got to think it's a misprint. Thirteen? Nobody ever does that."
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"We knew eventually they were going to make a run. Coach just stressed to go out there and keep being aggressive. A lot of their points were coming off our mistakes."
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"Triple-team. If I was a coach, I'd do the same thing."
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"[Coach Groh] doesn't really talk about injuries, but I expect to see Wali out there on Saturday."
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"She (Coach Tucker) didn't say anything or do anything. Whenever I'm not doing as well as she knows I can, she always gives me a blow to get my thoughts together and get my feet underneath. She takes me out almost like a fresh start."
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"I think this was good for everybody. As a coach you're always wanting them to be a little better, but the boys come through in the clutch. They're still a hungry team. We still want to win as many as we possibly can."
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"I though he was a good player, ... His JC (junior college) coach was going 'Hey I got a quarterback' and I said 'yeah I know, but we don't need a JC guy.' It's good he landed on his feet."
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