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"Going forward, we plan to develop a countrywide mechanism with the Indian department of science and technology for spatial data creation, collection and dissemination that can be used for multiple applications such as disaster management."
Author: Rashid Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"Sometimes the shooting of it is extremely arduous, because it's not an exact science."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"With acknowledgement of residues, we can be more easily prepared to grant the unit of science, the overlapping of disciplines, and the total coherence of all facts."
"It's the opposite of science."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it"
Author: Planck Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"Anybody who has been seriously engaged is scientific work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: 'Ye must have faith.' It is a quality which the scientist cannot dispense with."
Author: Planck Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"[Political science senior lecturer James Todd, who teaches a course on the judicial process, said that he thought the hearings] were successful in showing what kind of an individual (Roberts) is and how he approaches the job of judging, ... haven't given us a real view at all of what his thinking is on many of the issues that are going to come before the court."
Author: Todd Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"I think I've always been prepared for this. I know what I have to do. You can't make rocket science out of it. You just have to execute pitches. Don't let exterior distractions in. It just takes away from what you're trying to do."
Author: Beckett Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"This spacecraft is going to rewrite the science textbooks on Mars."
Author: Graf Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"I had worked with him back in '83 on 'Weird Science,' ... and we had a great rapport. But then I saw him, I don't know, five years ago at a restaurant where he was completely out of it and rude, and I thought, 'That guy is gone.'"
Author: Silver Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"Science is feasible when the variables are few and can be enumerated; when their combinations are distinct and clear. We are tending toward the condition of science and aspiring to do it. The artist works out his own formulas; the interest of science lies in the art of making science."
"These are our best umpires, and it's not an exact science. I don't know that you can make it an exact science."
Author: Garner Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"Science knows only one commandment - contribute to science."
Author: Brecht Quotes Category: Science Quotes German Poet Quotes
"Making two possibilities a reality. Predicting the future of things we all know. Fighting off the diseased programming Of centuries, centuries, centuries, centuries. Science fails to recognise the single most Potent element of human existence. Letting the reigns go to the unfoldings faith, Science has failed our world. Science has failed our mother earth."
"Modern science knows much about such conflicts. We call the mental state that engenders it AMBIVALENCE: a collision between thought and feeling."
Author: Seabury Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"This is a delicate operation. There's a great deal of science to this type of recovery."
Author: Rosenker Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"The negative cautions of science are never popular. If the experimentalist would not commit himself, the social philosopher, the preacher, and the pedagogue tried the harder to give a short-cut answer."
"I grew up in space times. In seventh grade, my teacher said we had to do math and science because the Russians were beating us in the space race. It was a real catalyst. I wish we had something like that today."
Author: Olsen Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"By the glare of false science betrayed, that leads to bewilder and dazzles to blind."
Author: Beattie Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"We won't put the nuclear storage facility in your state unless the science gets better, improves it."
Author: Begala Quotes Category: Science Quotes

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