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"He's been like that all year. He'd say, 'Wherever you want me, just tell me. In college he'll play on the wing, but because of his ball handling skills, we needed him back."
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"Interest in the country in college football spikes when Notre Dame is good. It manifests at the water cooler, as Notre Dame is one of the small number of franchises that piques the interest of the casual fan."
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"We don't want to inhibit anybody from receiving help with college."
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"Our high school graduates must be prepared to go to work or to college. Our goal is to make Ohioans more employable whenever they leave school."
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"Even as demand and salaries rise, college students should not be lulled into thinking that the job search will be easy or that jobs will be handed to anyone with a degree."
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"This is what we hope to achieve with a college team. We want to enjoy training. We want to enjoy playing. It should be as well-rounded an experience as possible."
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"He's just a few months out of college. That's unbelievable. It took me five years to get to where he is now. You obviously don't get here that quick without talent."
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"At the time, it was deemed probably the worst crisis to hit a college campus in modern times. There had been murders and shootings on campuses before, but in most of those cases the perpetrators were immediately known. This was a situation where five bodies were found over a three-day period . . . and Danny Rolling was not charged for almost a year."
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"He was funny, but he was a good student, too. He talked about college and his plans for him and Sunny. He had a bright future."
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"[A tennis player in college (] We're Jimmy Connors era ... well, they're not in Virginia."
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"I haven't seen this since college."
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"They told me that about college. 'You're going to get hurt, you're too small, you're not going to play.' I love people like that, it inspires me to do it even more."
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"I love watching quarterbacks run. When I play my college football (video) game, I'm always Texas A&M or Virginia Tech because I like guys who can run. I'm obviously not one of those guys who do that."
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"We believe this commitment to education is a win-win. It helps students and parents pay for college, while strengthening our partnership with colleges and universities."
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"With the labor market tightening, particularly for people with college degrees, it makes it increasingly difficult for companies to find highly skilled and talented workers."
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"What we've done is complement the biggest college sports event of the year with the largest known simultaneous live viewing audience."
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"It's a travesty to do this on a college campus."
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"When a player makes that transition from high school to college, you never know what to expect from them."
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"Tuesday's game against Louisiana College will be a make-up game from one lost to rain earlier this year. Coach Byrnes always does a good job down there and I am sure he will have his team well prepared. It should be a good day of baseball."
"He had the best 'J' in college, maybe in the pros. He had me doing all types of shooting and cutting drills. You work with a guy like that and you'll never miss your shot or forget your fundamentals."
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