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"There's so much to consider when applying for financial aid. The cost to attend college isn't just limited to room and board."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: College Quotes
"Every game's a battle in the (College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin) and all those games prepared us. I've got to give all the credit in the world to those other teams. We're playing for them, too."
Author: Dauksas Quotes Category: College Quotes
"Any de-emphasis on standards that prepare our kids for college is going to be of great concern to us."
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"In 20-some years of college coaching, I have never had two quarterbacks hurt in one game. I don't want to jinx us."
Author: Rodriguez Quotes Category: College Quotes
"If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library."
"That's what's funny, ... My brother and I had to go back, take a step back into college football because nobody would've taken us. We were just Buddy Ryan's sons. They can't coach; just look at Arizona that last year."
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"Being a leader and a competitor is what made me successful in college. I know that doesn't get you any points in the NFL, but at the end of the day it's still about winning football games."
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"A college education shows a man how little other people know."
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"We're obviously looking forward to it and are anxious to play. I'm concerned more about College of Charleston (tonight)."
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"Unfortunately, the elimination of incentives such as parole, good time credits and funding for college courses, means that fewer inmates participate in and excel in literacy, education, treatment and other development programs."
Author: Scott Quotes Category: College Quotes
"Earnestness is stupidity sent to college."
"While there are many obstacles that deter students from going to college, finances by no means should be the deciding factor."
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"I believe California should provide free community college for every student who commits to completing a two-year education. Students would have six years to complete one of these programs."
Author: Westly Quotes Category: College Quotes
"I think school funding and funding for preschool and college are a major economic tool that the state has let the ball drop on by cutting back."
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"Hands down. He's done more for college football than anybody around today. He's like your uncle at Thanksgiving that everybody likes."
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"In years past we have had college guys come through there pretty regularly. Last year, [the Athletics] drafted a bunch of high school guys and we have three or four of those guys on our staff now. They have tremendous talent. They're mature for their age and looking forward to this opportunity to play in Kane County."
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"We want to show the community that there are things happening at our college that are directly benefiting the community. This will also allow our students to interact directly with the public."
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"Of course that meant I had to take the EMT Course at Bladen Community College, which I really enjoyed. I learned first aid, which has come in handy numerous times, even when I wasn't on call. For example, I was eating in a nice restaurant in Wilmington and a person collapsed at the table beside us,"
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"Hunter did a great job. That's his second college football game and he was going against the No. 1 defense in the country who were very physical, very fast and hit him harder than he has ever been hit. He's a tough kid. He hung in there and got us to the fourth quarter with an opportunity to win the game and then we just didn't finish it."
Author: Petrino Quotes Category: College Quotes
"College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night?"
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